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Northern Alberta EMS

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I''m wondering if anyone can help...


When I was down in Dallas, Texas last month visiting with CareFlite to see how they like their Agusta Powers there was a ''Deuce'' sitting there that they said was purchased by a Canadian operator for EMS ops in Northern Alberta. Apparently it''s to provide air medical service to the oil and gas industry. It has one of VIH''s air medical kits inside.


Does anyone know what company purchased the ''Deuce'' and is starting a private EMS program? And no, it''s not STARS. It''s supposedly a one-ship operation.




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I know but cant tell .

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''They'' are trying to get started in Manning,Alberta. A 24/7 IFR Medevac machine. Get the big players in the Oil and Gas Business to pay $22G a year to support their people in remote Compressor sites! I heard today they are trying to get some Gov''t support as well! There are a few groups involved with this deal!

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I cant see that program being of any success. Unless a big company with the backing to sit a machine doing nothing.

I flew In the oil and gas feild for years

and there isnt that much of a call for medivacs. If there is then it is usually something that every other company out there

can handle. What good can a IFR machine do anyway? Beside land in the bigger centers with the right equiptment.Can you land at a compressor site on a ILS approach or what? I''m not a IFR guy but I would think it could only be done with the right equiptment installed at the sight of landing. Some of you IFR guys help me out here.

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Cobra, IFR equipment would enhance the capabilities of the aircraft to do the job but also you have to remember that there are still limitations to an IFR operation, particularily in Canada. The number one problem being icing in cloud during the ten months of good sledding.


Don't get me wrong, the benefits would out weight the problems as long as everyone, ie. customers are aware of all the limitations IFR and VFR and don't have wild expectations of an IFR machine. For example, the Ontario operation is all IFR aircraft which extends their capabilities although from my own experience they don't use that capability to the fullest.


An IFR machine would be able to transit from airport to airport IFR (where a VFR machine might not be able to get through VFR), shoot the approach and them proceed VMC to the pick up site. After the pick up the IFR machine is capable of launching IFR right from the pick up site to the airport closest to the destination hospital.


Additionally an IFR machine on a VFR response that runs into inclement weather is able to request an IFR clearance and continue on their way as apposed to turning around and remaining VFR.


And best of all an IFR machine on a VFR flight on a CAVU day is a joy to fly. You just couple up the autopilot and sit back, enjoy the view and discuss your stock portfolio with your FO.


So you see the IFR capability is just an additional tool to give you more options to get the job done safely.


Whew! I think that's my longest post so far. I'm going to have to take a rest now.

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Thanks Reddog Thats answers some of the questions I had also. I could see it being a big problem with the customers the first time a flight is refused. Because without a doubt in my mind they will think it can fly any time anywhere as they already do with VFR machines. So a IFR machine can depart a site in any weather with out any aids of anysort then air file is that right?


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