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Northern Alberta EMS

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That's right FireHawk, you can launch into uncontrolled airspace and airfile or better yet if you have a pre-filed generic "Center stored flight plan" and get approval to call Terminal or Center direct on the cellphone they can get you an IFR clearance in about a minute. Then it's start engines and up, up and away.


You wouldn't get approval for calling Center direct for a normal operation but ATC had no problem doing it for us as a Medevac machine in Ontario.

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Hello Boys and Girls.


I was very interested to read all the posts here regarding our little effort in Northern ALberta. For the most part, your assumptions have been wrong in what and how we are doing things. Reddog is on the right track.


We will be using a B222UT with the VIH kit. We will provide day VFR, Night VFR/IFR service to industry. We are not linked with any Government agency,(or liberal family ...geee common) We will not be billing out to any government level unless requested by that level to provide service.


Everyone is right. You cannot shoot an approach to a site in the middle of the bush. However, as pointed out by Reddog, you can IFR to and change to VFR. Not an issue. All clients we have agreements with are clear on the fact that some times, the ship will not fly. Anyone in right mind knows that when the ice is buiding etc., the ship don''t go. The clients are still showing due dilligence (sp) to employees.


As for the industry supported thing, these days with the new OHS and Workers Comp issues, it is no longer good enough to strap an injured worker to a back board, toss him/her in the back of a pick up and rumbble down a cutline at 20 KM/Hr for 4 hrs to the highway and then to the hospitial. You are looking at serious issues down the road. We not only provide the helicopter as most operators can, we also provide licensed Paramedics. The level of care in the back of the helicopter is the same level of care the person would get at a hospitial emergency room. With the same equipment. Our Paramedics are licensed to administer drugs. They are not EMT''s or EMR''s. They are Licensed Paramedics. There is a huge difference.


There is not a $22G/year charge for this service.


Trek is not involved.


Company Name is LifeView MedAir Inc. an Alberta Company.


I understand this is something very new to our industry, but then, so was logging with helicopters a few years back. I only ask that we all keep an open mind and the jokes down to a minimum.


Thanks folks. I hope this clears up any questions for the time being. When you see us out there, please stop by and share a coffee and some yarns.



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Good luck with the new venture. Mabye the old ''if they can get one, we should get one'' will kick in and this will become a standard requirement, expanding the market.


You should get in touch with Mike from vertical mag., tell him the whole story. I am sure he would love to hear it straight from the horses mouth, besides, he''s a heck of a nice guy to talk too. (Hi Mike! )

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Bruised Armpit,


You''re looking for a free subscription, aren''t you!?


And speaking of that, for anyone that has not yet seen Vertical and would like to see a sample copy, drop me an email mike@verticalmag.com


Our next issue includes:


Weather no Challenge for Cougar Helicopters

Human Factors

Power Line Stringing with Southern California Edison

Flying Cruisers: San Antonio Police

Helicopter Association of Canada Report

Plus the most comprehensive news coverage in North America


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