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Northern Alberta EMS

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Collective ------ in case you don''t know him, 407D is a ''pretty good head''.


407D -------since you probably don''t know him either, you should know that Collective is also a ''pretty good head''.


How do I know all this.......because I know you both, but I don''t believe you know each other.

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Well, fellas, despite all the ''good heads'' and the described good intentions, does anyone really doubt that this service will take away the evacs handled by locals up ''til now? Or are we to believe that the newbies were absolutely unconscious of that ''possibility.'' Of course they''ll provide a more comprehensive service, and the former providers will almost certainly lose evacs they could capably handle. There''s no reason to be ashamed of business realities, is there, so why call a spade a G.D. shovel?

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You Sir, always have a way with words. That's putting it out plain and simple.


By the way, I just flew your Film crew from last week...they raved about how good "G Mc" was. I agreed! Please pass that along 9.gif

Have you checked out the pic of WXJ in the "Web Funnies" section? You guys have done some good work on the old gal to bring it back to life, it was one Butt-ugly piece of work when I had it in '91...notice that CHC didn't have the time, money, or ambition to even paint the "J" on it. 8.gif

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Oh, and 407, our GWXJ was a total writeoff and, according to the Register, is still registered to us. We certainly haven''t rebuilt it, so I don''t know what''s up with the bird in the pic. Just can''t be ''J'', I guess.


I''ll be glad to pass on the plaudits to G.M. Isn''t it nice to know we''ve got quality at both ends of the range?

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just to stir it up again........


heard from a buddy that they will put a machine in manning and ft. macmurray, that the

schedule will be 2 weeks on 2 weeks off, and that the salary will be $7500.00 per month........



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On 7/9/2003 5:16:59 PM downwash wrote:


412, that kind of fits with what a ''not so little'' bird told me - that he''d been offered SIX figures to fly left seat VFR! You''d have to get in the line about Nampa if that was for real!



Hey Guys;



I sure wish the remuneration you are talking about was true. However, if that were the case, the company would be broke in no time flat. You are right, the line up would be to Nampa.


Each Capt and F.O. will get pay as per experience and negotations. Just like any other job in the industry.


Have a good day and any questions, I will try to answer. By the way, we have run into a little problem which has caused a delay in the delivery of the ship. But I have it on he highest authority the ship will be flinging this way soon.




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