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Northern Alberta EMS

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okay, i'm editing and will rephrase the question:


collective, do you mean that each Captain will be able to negotiate his own salary and that the pilots will all be on their own payscale?




if there will be a payscale, what is it?










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Actualy, the payscale is the very same as at VIH (ambulance side). However, there are also considerations regarding accomidations, away from base, travel etc...For the most part we have tried to make things as comfortable as they can be, given the fact it''s Manning and all.





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On 7/13/2003 11:25:32 PM beltdrive wrote:


You guys picking on the guy for 3 pages now. Why don`t give the man a chance. Just because you are not competive enough to hack it does not mean nobody else is too. Just work harder.



The person or person''s involved in this endevour should be helped to create new work in the industry. I wish whoever it is all the best and hope you make it.


Don''t take the three pages of comments to heart, you have just joined the most red-neck and negative society in the aviation industry.


The famous saying is "If I havn''t done, nobody else can."




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ah come on....we pick on EVERYBODY


it''s nothing personal and yes, i hope their venture does fine but i know what the pay is and know a little about how things run. for example:


we all know helijet got the air ambulance contract. what i hear NOW is that they want (Gov''t) another million off the contract so they are pushing the guys to accept 2 nights a month on "reserve" with an hour and a half call out but no pay if you don''t fly.........







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Wow, yet another example of perspective being everything (as if we needed one)!



Digging for a little accurate information to replace rumour, then questioning the less-than-open answers purported to come from the ''horse''s mouth'' hardly constitutes ''picking on'' anyone where I hail from. In Wussville, maybe.


I''m sure everyone around here (this forum) wishes the venture well (except, of course, the competition). It does mean more jobs, and further expansion of the market. (Sh-h-h-h! Eagle might hear and go and buy a dozen 222''s.)

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This post is not from MINI. I can''t seem to get on the forum with my own profile so i am using his. Heres a few facts on the EMS program to muddy the waters.

1. One IFR 222 to start in Manning and maybe one later in FT.Mac.

2. LifeView MedAir owns the first machine and VIH supplies the OC and the crews. The second machine will probably be a lease.

3. 2 and 2 rotation.

4. VIH''s medevac payscale: From 3500 per month to 4300 per month for first officers. >From 4800 to 5300 for Captains. Away from base pay will be between 100 to 150 per day. Monthly paybase on 15 shifts per month. Additional shifts payed at monthly rate / 15. Travel days 1/2 daily rate. Expenses are 34 per day. These numbers are from the old payscale and a raise is expected


5. Te first machine is still being readied but not ready yet.

6. It will have a Garmin 530/430 package which will be IFR certified for primary navigation.

7. No autopilots on the 222.

8. Contact for employment is Roman Bejnar Chief Pilot IFR at VIH in Sidney.

9. Initially this contract will be done with a 2 pilot crew on reserve, 24/7. We''ll see ho0w that works.


VIH is out of the Medevac business in Sidney and in fact Vancouver Island has lost it''s medevac helicopter as the new contract won by Helijet has two machines in Vancouver and none in Victoria. Hard cheese for the people in Pt Renfrew. I hear that in order to cut costs the second machine will be crewed on reserve. Any Helijet guys out there care to comment. When YVR goes WOXOF next fall try not to get sick on the coast. Ah well that just sounds like sour grapes.

Thats all from me. MOFO.

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Well it looks like a certitude now. It's been a few years since I worked in Northern Alta. in the Wintertime. Anybody got any free advice (usually worth every penny). We expect to start in Manning in late Aug or early Sept. After nine years working in Victoria I'm feeling a little spoiled about the away from home thing. Ah well It's 2&2 and I would have killed for a shift like that 10 years ago.

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