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Northern Alberta EMS

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Enjoy Manning, recently left the Peace country after 7 years there. Victoria to Manning, welcome to a culture shock of your life! Bugs, mosquitoes,horseflys, blackflys, no see ems! They are all there at different seasons! A very small town with little to do there! You may be in great joy watching the locals still taking the day VFR medevacs in the region. They all have deep roots there and will still take presidence over the new boys on the block! But welcome to a competitive industry and region!

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Helijet did get both machines. It looks like 2 machines 24/7 for 8 months of the year and for 4 winter months it will be 1 machine 24/7 and the other will be 12 - 18 hours per day with 12 - 6 hours down time at night. There will be no standby crews and the machines will be crewed at all times. As for the people on the Island, the 222 does very little IFR work. When the weather is really bad, the 76 is usually called out.

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