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Greetings all,

I am a high school student at this time and will be going for my commercial helicopter license soon. I am curious about the use of a university degree in the rotor wing industry. At this time I am more interesting in getting my first 100 hours and going on a road trip rather than getting a degree (naturally). If I am applying to companies such as Canadian Helicopters would a degree be a huge benefit or just nice to have. I'm sure it isn't a big factor at the 100-hour level but later down road I'm wondering if I'll need one to get an IFR job flying something bigger (much like Airline pilots needing degrees). From reading other posts I have gotten the feeling that its a good thing to have but no one has bluntly stated its worth insofar as to say you need one. How important is a degree to a helicopter pilot in Canada? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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it's NOT about a degree.




get your lic. hit the road and when you're finally offered a ramp rat job, take it. be loyal, keep a positive attitude no matter what the task is, give it 100% to get 'er done right and as required. DONT do it for free.


the rest will fall into place.


use the 80 grand worth of tuition to carry you until the rest falls into place.


that simple.


best of luck.



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Guest jesse
Cry of the wind you will find it can be hard to show you have these qualities when you are told NO 100 HOUR PILOTS moments after entering the office.


use the 80 grand worth of tuition to carry you until the rest falls into place


And if it doesnt fall into place then your 80 grand in the hole and have a license to show for it, add a $1.50 to that and you got yourself a coffee.


All im saying is that if you get your commercial helicopter license do it because you love to fly not for any other reason, a university degree might not help you in the helicopter world but it will sure as **** be nice to have if you cant get a job.

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I agree with helicopper.


yes at the moment only the military requires a degree to be a pilot, but as more and more people are receiving degrees, in the future more and more positions will require either univeristy education of college diplomas. this is not to say that there will not be jobs out there but as an example when the RCMP recruits now they give more points to an applicant with a degree.


The degree is a piece of paper that really only proves that you are able to learn, now most people can learn and do extremelly well with out this piece of paper while you are still in school mode, go for it you can fly on weekedns and evening and when your done you have both.

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It’s good to know that I won't need to have a degree. I'd like to get one but right now it’s out of the question for me (not having enough university prep course in high school one reason). Thanks for the input. If anyone out there is in the management positions in charge of hiring pilots for IFR jobs I'm curious to know how you would grade an applicant with/without a degree.

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