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just figure out a plan, if someone asks you "why dont you plan on going to university" tell them something like this, "I plan to go to flight school for helicopters, then go ......." if you give people a well thought out plan that you have already started carrying out ie. private pilot..., then they wont argue. one of my teachers started listing off courses that she figured I would need as soon as she heard the word pilot. Physics, blablabla... in the cars it states that you must have A. graduated, Or B. passed your 19th birthday to complete training. those not on the in group all flying as flying, im sorry but a 737-900 and bell212 handle just slightly different. just because you see pilots on tv staying in hotels traveling througout the world does not mean thats how it goes, you will meet pilots that dont even get jobs after for up to almost 14 years.



Here at my school they claim to have researched it :wacko: (so they called the local training school here in penticton(read between the lines, I wont slag any companies) and asked what it would cost) the second I asked about commecial heli's she says "ok it will cost you 140,000$ and you will have a good crack at a job for the company" followed by me telling her that I am planning to train on an r-22 and r-44, she auto replies saying "im told that training on smaller piston helicopters means you will have to get a turbine endorsement after or you wont get a job" this set me off but then I asked what companies she had talked to and she only repeated one name, then i stated that I had talked to nearly 100 high time pilots including some from this company that said that no matter what heli you train on you will probably get a job on the attitude and personality first.


When I talked with said pilots from said company they tried very hard to push the jetbox, and also said that I would never get the job on just piston. then the perfect question hit me, what did you guys train on, 2 replies, a 300cbi, and the rh22, with no turbine time :shock: that shut them up :up:


Sorry for droneing on, but something needs to be said about the way that schools will push towards doctors, lawyers, and teachers and have no knowledge of anything else, Cole B)

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True true. My school is all academic...if your not going to university your wasting space. We had an awesome auto/aviation tech teacher leave the school because of the lack of support for the tech department among other reasons. Most of my contemporaries are going to university but have no idea what they are going to be doing...all they know is that without university they will all become janitors or something...and even that is going to take at least a college diploma in a couple years anyway :rolleyes:

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there is a large pull away from trades it is very noticable, like I said it seems that the teachers only care about you if you are going to be a doctor, lawyer, or a teacher.


I was told that there was no money anywhere else :rolleyes: haha thats a laugh, I have some friends that just grad' last year, one went to university, the other 2 are on rigs, the ones on the rigs are making 70g a year.]


Again I rant, sorry, Cole B)

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A degree is much more than a piece of paper that proves you are capable of learning. It proves you have learned something.


One of the great ironies of the modern world with its rapid advances in science and technology, is that the average man does not fully understand what is happening to the planet, which is unfortunately going downhill fast. It bodes ill for society that its population is ignorant. Democracy cannot work if the voters lack the intellectual tools to understand the issues.


A university education is a huge plus. It opens up so many possibilites. Helicopter pilots are so specialized that they really cannot do much else. What does one do when the vigour of youth fades and the rigours of helicopter life become difficult to endure? A career change is not impossible but it is very difficult.


One must also acknowledge that the family life of helicopter pilots in particular is very awkward. Do you really want to be in your late fifties and faced with the prospect of spending long periods of time in the bush? The old bones get a bit creaky after awhile.


A university education allows one to have a career that offers diversification and a life of the sort that God intended man to have, one in which he can raise a family and actually be around frequently enough to enjoy it.

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BS - we all know what that is

MS - more of the same

PHD - piled higher and deeper


Education is fine, but to say that someone without cannot do anything else, "Helicopter pilots are so specialized that they really cannot do much else." means what?


I've worked everyday (35 years so far and counting) to provide for my family and self. I believe there are quite a few degrees out there either not working or flipping burgers.


Welcome to higher education. :down: :down:

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In my limited experience and that given to me by 2 working parents (one who coincidentally works at a university) has shown that a degree may get you somewhere but won't guarantee anything any more than having 100 hours will. Like everything it depends on the field you’re interested in. I've also heard as many pilots complain about being away from home as I've heard of ones with happy families and nights at home. I think it really will come down to the kind of person you are and the situation you find yourself in. I guess I'm just going to have to be the test subject for my own theory in this. Come back in 20 years and I'll let you know how it’s going B)

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logic suggests that a degree/diploma/trade/skillset (WHATEVER interests you) AND a commercial rotary wing licence provides you with (at the very least) DOUBLE the opportunities for employment within this great country of ours...


limiting yourself to a single vocation would work just fine if that single vocation always had an unlimited need for a specialized talent... if you've done your homework on this business, surely you must honestly appreciate that this is simply NOT the case... opportunities are few and the competition for these same few positions that are available annually is stiff...


i got this same speech above from my dad in 1979... 26 years later, i'm glad i heeded his advice.


bonne chance, mon ami...

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It's good advice no doubt. I'm going to take my go at making it in the industry doing everything I can to make myself stand out. I'm sure that's the attitude of every other low timer out there...I'm just overly self confident at this point and have the support from home that perhaps others may lack. I guess the only thing that will come out of this discussion now is that a degree will not help that much in the industry except for a slight distinguishing factor, but it could/will save you if you need to change jobs...its not essential but opens a few more doors...for those who want a bigger back up plan then good looks and charm :up:

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all kidding aside, COTW... good looks and charm will get you nowhere with the CP if HE doesn't think you are worth bringing on board/etc/etc/etc...


you need to think backup in case you lose your medical... even when you feel 10feet tall and bulletproof, s**t can happen!! B)

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