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'Cry,' one of the main reasons more of the world are looking for people with degrees these days is to have people that can think, read, speak and write. Examples abound on this forum, and others, of the limitations our constantly worsening public education systems impose on their products.


That said, I have to agree with the majority responding to your post that a degree is probably the last thing you should be worrying about right now if you have a well-established, burning desire to fly helicopters. A trade to fall back on would certainly be easier, and probably less expensive. The AME field fills that bill, and offers you knowledge that you'll use every day, and almost certainly make you a better pilot at the same time. B)

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Before the deluge begins, I should clarify that the post above was in no way intended to single out we helicopter folk, rather to emphasize that we're just like everyone else that doesn't pursue 'higher learning' (that's not mountain training Skidz!). We're all handicapped by the effectiveness of our communication and, if our schools aren't giving us the tools, there's essentially only one other place to go for them. Unfortunately, as some examples on here also demonstrate, that can bring its own particular effeteness. :mellow:

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Well for me the degree is within reach...unless higher math is involved....(my digits only go to 20....calculus tends to go higher than that.... :down: ) I see the problem in my school being that those who don't have the grasp of language and problem solving needed for university are still going, and will be failing or switching majors to something they don't want . This has happened in the case of some of my older friends and friends of my family. Just like people should be warned about the helicopter industry before spending the big bucks kids should be educated on what university is like and what it will do for you. I'm well versed in the way university works with my father working in one (admissions department so I learn about all the issues kids have failing or not making it) and my fathers friend teaching at another. My peers don't know what I know and assume that engineering is going to be like high school with more chicks and a care free apartment :blink: . When I see people crying because they are overloaded by a test and a major project due on the same day I can't help but shake my head in disbelief that this person is going into university next year for medicine....

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Exactly...a good example of this is at my father's university they now have a remedial calculus course for students to take going into engineering because the grade 12 calculus course doesn’t cut it anymore. What is the point in creating courses for high school students if they will have to waste time on remedial classes after they have already made the provincial standard? If the standard is so low that it is no longer useable in the post secondary institution it was designed to prepare students for why bother have it at all….

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Too true, 'Cry' and, as I think we agree, that's the main reason so many employers and recruiters are insisting more and more on a degree, whcih would seem to mitigate in favor of your tentative plan. Another factor, though, could be the reality that 'the school of hard knocks' still has respect out there - at least for those who've been around long enough, and have been exposed to a variety of disciplines and responsibilities. While it's not true everywhere, credit is still given for such in a lot of places. That said, there's probably nothing better you could do, though, than get that degree or learn a good trade (I'll always be behind AME for pilots). Anyway, good luck with your deliberations, and with your decision. B)

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A little old topic but I am a bit slow. Will agree that most degrees are somewhat useless. BUT compare a business degree( which if you want to ever do anything else in helicopters than fly or fix is rather useful) to a bachelor of arts degree which imho is a useless as Jane Fonda's mouth. Peruse a few adds in the US for aviation managers and you will see that there are many requirements for business degrees, now am not saying that it is right but check out the number of helicopter companies in canada who's general managers are ex-controllers or such. Personally would rather have somebody running the company who is/was pilot or engineer with a business background than an ex-accountant.


When you are young you think that everything has to happen NOW but if you were to get a law degree and take 5-7 years to do it you may find that you still want to fly or not, but you then have the ability to make the decision with a little more information.


A trade's background is great as long as you have your health, pretty hard to fall back to being an plumber when your back is hooped from flying.


Everyone likes to compare the out of work university graduate to all graduates in the same manner as the loud american tourist to all americans.(sorry tqn). You might find there are thousands of working university graduates just as there are at least 10 nice americans(just kidding, have had more fun travelling and meeting friendly americans than canadians travelling have to say). So, just because some idiot can't get a job with his/her art degree and is flipping burgers, so what, least they're working, rather than collecting ei like some people.





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