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Question: Can A Yank Turn Wrenches In Canada?


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Driving on dirt roads has done a good job of hiding the tags... :P


But to be honest, I haven't had one negative experience in the west to date. The only dissappointing experience was some bonehead at a BC company telling me to go home and look for a job "in my own province, 'cause everyone here is prejudiced against eastern plots"... :down:

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Guest Bullet Remington



Come on now. You gotta understand that the trasining "down eats" (which in not really Down East") is not like the training in BC and the Flat Lands! Like everybody knows that there are mountains only in BC, and that flying in the faltlands and/or in the North requires a "special" type of traing and thought process! :huh:


Any Caw Bye worth his salt knows that we don't need "doweast" drivers out in the flat lands! They might suffer from vertigo, loss of depth perception etc, etc. With difference in geology it takes a special person to fly out this way!! ;)


And given the comments you recieved, I honestly belive it came from a special person. One so special infact, that they went to school in their own little 'special" bus. And in all probablity, they now wear a helmet when they fly. Not because they have to, but because its been ingrained into their lttle brains from riding on their own little bus!! :angry:


Keep the faith, Bro, not all of us are red necks, and not all of us really give a royal crap of where yer from or where ya trained! Most of us judge people on how they trat us, how they present themselves and how they approach and do their jobs!


An in all fairness, I've spent a heck of alot of time in Quebec in the last few years, and other than the idjits at the airport, I haven't met a negative nor unfriendly person. I have been treated most respectfully and kindly! But then again, I've never met Gille Duiseppe! :P


Good Luck to you! :up:



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canada revolves around ontario.... :D


I'd call us "separitists", but we're really only "separating" when we go out west for vacation. Eventually we all come back. :up:


Ok, back on topic now...we've hijacked this from jetmek7 for far too long.


Actually, I thought you guys were talking about me being a seperatist scum since I want to leave the USA and all. I'm not familiar with your inter-Canadian politics and rivalries :mellow: I can't believe there aren't any sites geared toward just canadian aviation jobs. I already do monster, but they just send me stuff for the US.

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Hey jetmek7 if you have any bell206 experience you can have my job.

Thanks man, but I like my wings stationary. Whats that funny handle for on the side anyway? I think they call it the collective or something. Aren't they on Star Trek? :D

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I am pretty sure that Transport Canada will not recognize the A&P Certificate towards the AME. You would have to attend a Transport Canada Approved institution in order to obtain the AME. I had this problem when trying to use my A&P towards and AME. Most of your experience however should count. Make sure you have documented experience. Letters from employers is the best thing here.


Good luck and good hunting.



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