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Whats It Going To Take

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Sadly, it's no different elsewhere - when I used to sell computers, you'd spend all Saturday afternoon with someone asking silly questions, you'd tell him what he needed to buy, he'd go off and get something 'orrible then moan at you for the next 6 weeks because it didn't do the job. Now I pass all my surplus idiots on to other people.


Enjoy the new 407, Terry - you'll be wanting more!



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Windslapper: If you havn't figured it out it all depends on the customer and if the flying is complicated or not.


Remember there are only so many jobs that can be done by low time pilots.


The customer does not get a lower hourly rate if the pilot is low time or high time.


The customer requirements should be addresed by the operations mgr and the appropriate pilot asigned to the job. In a sence the ops mgr controls the operation from the flying point of vue. Should he allow the customer (as most do) call the shots, you won't be flying until there is a total shortage and the consultants won't even work.


Have fun.

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The customer does not get a lower hourly rate if the pilot is low time or high time.


Why don't they? There are lots of things they could do - think of fires. they could quite easily fly the fire boss around to look at the fire, take 1 or 2 guys out to a staging area, take the GPS person out to locate the trail, and the list goes on and on.


I remember a long time ago, that we all learned "on the job," because there wasn't any other way or options. But we did what we could, and sent the 'experience' when it was necessary, until we all had the experience, and then we did the job ourselves.


For the "simple" jobs, let the low timers have a go at it, and if they want (need) a torch, a long line, etc., then call in the experience and pay the price. Set it up so if the customer 'demands' the "high time quality" pilot, they pay a premium for him?

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Retractable Skids, I agree with you 100% and have said so in previous posts re lowtimers and a way to gain experience.


Your biggest obstacle to all this is the people (high timers), allthough they won't admit it, because they have forgotten that at one time they were also lowtimers.


The other major problem is and always will be is the type of owners that have been developed since de-regulation.


HAC was developed by some idiot from the other province that thinks he is gods gift to the helicopter industry, some gift. His credo Me, myself and I.


HAC is comprised of a bunch of nearsited individuals that can only understand the $$$$ sign and cowtow to most customers that don't know if they are punched or bored.


Most of the middle management (below owner) in most companies, CP, CE, OPS MGR are so glad to have their respective jobs that they always bow to the almighty.


So, now you know how I feel.


I would say from the late fifties to the mid seventies it was an industry to be proud of, now adays it's a used to be, just like me.



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