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Coast Guard Helicopter Crash

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mmm.....okay then, We should ignore the CG assistant commisioner's comments that were released to the public? If that was inaccurate, then what brought the a/c down?


Hi Helilog,


Things busy in that business so far in 05?


As for the commisioners comments, take them with a grain of salt............no wait, having worked in the public service for a number of years with the CCG, totally disregard them.

I had the pleasure (puke icon missing) of flying some of these egg heads around in my stint there and would honestly rank them as the stupidest, most ignorant individuals I have ever met. I would rather have a driller decide my future as opposed to a politician. :stupid:

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:) Hey there RDM.....yea, I concur with your comments about working with a bunch of eggheads, wouldn't want to be there myself.

Yes, going to be a very busy season for us here on the west coast, three cranes flying as of right now, with #4 on the way, back on my shift on wed. for 2 weeks. Things overall are looking more upbeat, as mining, oil and gas, and construction are showing good signs of recovery.

Biggest scare for us though in B.C., is our upcoming provincial election. Praying that voters do not have to short of a memory on how NDP policies and wasteful spending (remember the "fastcats"), last time dampened business, corporate, and resource developement. Not that the liberals are perfect, but certainly the lessor of evils....... if there is such a thing? :huh:

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very pleased this story apparently has a happy ending (contrary to most accidents in this unforgiving business)...


when i wrecked my first cruiser, i was fortunate enough to have a senior copper arrive on scene and with a wink ;) congratulate me on my contribution to the canadian economy... "Relax, Danny boy... they build 'em every day!!"

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... tried an auto reverse manoeuvre

...hmmm, don't recall THAT button on the panel :blink::o:lol::lol::lol:


The assistant commissioner of the Coast Guard doesn't understand basic operational capabilities of his assests, or have the common sense to include someone who does before opening his pie-hole? :huh::wacko:


Well wishes for a speedy recovery to the pilot!!!

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