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407 Or 119

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I didn't want to start another battle just wanted to know any differances in the 2 a/c I have read alot on them but the 119 is so new, there is no history on any problems with them and Im hoping to win the lotto on fri for the 25 mill and I can't decide on which one I would like to get for my training.....



Did everyone see the forum is now over 30 000 posts......



on http://www.dgualdo.it/helics-a119.htm you can see the new tail rotor blades for the 119 to help out the problems they have had with the old ones..

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I was lucky enough to fly the 407 as a low timer and I'm in love with her :D


but we need more info to answer your question : for what kind of job ? what kind of flights, etc... if it's just for pleasure : 407, if it's for serious buisness : 407 :D



and about the winning ticket, I'm sure mine is THE One...sorry

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:D I guess if that is your dream (win the lottery/buy helicopter) than you'd likley be rich enough to not have to worry about product support issues.


Even if the 119 is a good quality ship, I would still shy away from it as there aren't alot in north america and you'd be taking your chances for sure (you never know...you might be the first guy with the "problems" if they start)


but then again....i'm winning the jackpot...so I'll let you know how it goes :D


####, sounds like you're refering to the timeless aviators rule of "never fly the 'A' model anything" :up: ...those words have been said by many who have lived long enough to get old.

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407 119

g/w int5000/ext6000 int5997/ext6944

useful int2347/ext2646 int2845/ext3792

speed 133kn 144kn

IGE ISA 12200ft 13400ft

OGE ISA 10450ft 10700ft

fuel cap usgal 146 230

cost per hour(us) 422.11 not found on web site

pass 7 8

hp max cont 701 872

tran max cont 630 900

fuel burn avg. 46 41 ??

range 390nm 535nm


I got this off the both company's webs sites I would like to know how long the waiting list is for each a/c. I wouldn't want to fill the 119 with my credit card but would the fuel burn be better on the 119 with a bigger stove in it?? the only other thing that I could not find is a cost?

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