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Lightning Strike

Guest bag swinnger

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Yep, it got hit while flying in what was reported as fairly dull overcast and a strike was seen in front of the a/c while in cruise. After the SCAS, GPS and FM got the smoke let out of them, they landed and looked but didn't initially find anything. They flew it back to FSJ and after a bit more of an insp. they found a bit of arcing and then some more which is leading to a truck ride home for the ship. Sounds like a complete driveline re & re except for the stove. :(

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this is off topic, but i DO have to interject in the "light 'em up" mentality :hide:


i know this is a make or break season for companies, but please be carefull what you wish for, it just might come true !!!


talk to the people who have lost everything due to wildfires, they will be greatful you tried to interject and put out the fires, but PLEASE do not wish for them B)


with the amount of beetle kill in the central interior of BC, most starts will be something of a major fire in no time flat.


there are many economically based forests around and workers and recreationists depend on them.


if you can direct the fires (cigars) to areas of non-concern then fly your guts out.


sorry for the rant :o

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Hey 407too,

I believe that 412 was not hoping for houses to be involved in fires, I think that goes with out saying, we all know what he meant by his comment.

Unfortunalty houses have been invovled more and more as people flee the cities for the more forested area to enjoy the good life, Nobody wants anybody to lose there home to forest fires. Give the man a break.

Plus up in the fort st john area there isnt much for population in the muskeg.

I'm with you 412driver

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Hey Buddy I am up in Ft Mac and the lightning was great yesterday but to much rain with it just tiny fires. Talk to you soon Mate.

hey!!! look at the silver lining!!!!


there's lightning out there :up:  :up:  :up:

light 'em up baby!!! :lol:  :lol:  :lol:

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