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Bell 407 power check calculator on your mobile

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if you need a mobile version of power check calculator for Bell 407 in your daily life please use the following link where it is officially available to download on the App Store for free 👉https://apps.apple.com/app/id1471892720

Benefits for pilots:
- enter data and then engine performance available in less than 1 second,
- many different helicopters in one app,
- share the result to your engineer via one button,
- results history for all aircrafts.

We have designed the way for TQ margin results for Bell 407 but please don't worry ;) MGT results will be available soon 🚁

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5 hours ago, DGP said:

On a 30 C day if you are pulling a full bucket load of water out and you have to use the tot gauge....at 1000 ft ...your engine is f#$ked!   

Flow chart below:

Is this the last day of your tour?  Yes/No

Yes: put in logbook

No: continue flight

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I have pulled apart an L4 compressor changing a scroll assembly...this thing was absolutely filthy...and it was still making the numbers. The 407 that I was flying that was temping out did not have the bypass light on for the air intake...I opened the doors for the bypass to see if this would help ....sweet f@@k all...still running hot...I can't see a dirty compressor having any effect on the temps or a dirty filter....That L4 had a #1 seal leak that was blowing a ton of oil thru that compressor and the dirt in that thing was unreal!

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I would like to share an update regarding the tool's latest enhancements. Unlimited users can now access real-time data, allowing the entire company's users to monitor helicopter performance instantly. The app provides trend analysis and predictive engine analysis. Furthermore, there are additional helicopters available, such as the Bell 505 and more options for the Bell 407. You can see how it works at no cost 👉 https://www.helitrends.com/

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