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2020 predictions


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I’m a bit out of touch with the general industry and I try to keep it that way, as I’m still happy in this industry a dozen years in which seems uncommon. 

All I can predict is 2020 will be full of the unexpected. 


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2 hours ago, vortex said:

The price of oil dipped to $28.10 / barrel this morning and gold hit $1450.90 / oz.

Anyone got any predictions now??


Cheap oil is good for making cheap gas.  Gold is shiney metal used in electronics and jewellery.  In the future gold price will go down and oil price will go up.

 I predict that there may be some helicopter operators trying to undercut each other and win lucrative contracts.

I also predict that the sun will come up again tomorrow and people will keep trying to sell gold and bitcoins as some magic investment vehicle that's going to save you from certain annihilation in the ever encroaching apocalypse.

If people are using gold as currency in the future, you got bigger problems. 



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