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Hello... Hello... This Thing On?

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Dang, so few posts here, wish there were more. Tell Charles W there is gonna be a new TC rule that you only need a minimum hr PPL and no tail dragger experience to endorse student solo tail dragging....


Hey a riot is a good way to get conversation going.


So, lets get a thread going. Tells us about your scariest moment in aviation. Or the most funny. We have to do something to spark interest in flying and this board.


Lately I only been doing a lunch fly-in every month and taking buds up for toroto sight sees. I miss training, and miss doing my night rating. (3 hrs away, Financial issues, and revenue Canada is making me prove my PPL tuition claim by sending in my T11B after I efiled.)


I need some flying in my life. I feel like my wings have been clipped. How does the rest of the population do it.... not fly I mean....


If I can''t fly, atleast let me fly through your own experiences.

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I am feeling the exact same!


the forums on canadianaviation.com seem to have also slowed down...


this winter I lost my currency as I was on a big contract that kept me too busy to fly, then the weather was so crappy I had no interest in getting current right away...

So now its geting near 4 months since I've logged any time...




I am promising myself I'll get flying again soon - now that it is starting to feel like summer again, I am really feeling the bug!

but I want to do my taildragger check out, so I might do that instead of a recurrency flight in a 172 or katana... undecided...


So you are in Toronto aswell "flythenumbers"?

where do you fly out of?

maybe we can get together for beers and stories... thats always the next best thing to flying 2.gif

I'll start I thread with an old (but great) x-country story from last year...



here is a link to the post I just made about that trip:

you'll have to cut and paste it into a new windo since this board doesn't seem to allow clickable HTML links... 6.gif



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Hi flythenumbers:


Yup, we need more posters, this forum should be far more busy.


As to your tounge in cheek reference to doing check outs and Transport Canada, the truth is that I do not even need a pilot license period to teach licensed pilots flying skills upgrading.


I could fly as a "consultant" as long as the pilot I am "consulting" with has a license appliccable to the class being flown.


This is exactly what I plan on doing, I will be starting a skills upgrading flight training business very soon without all the hassel of the FTU-OC requirements.


Transport Canada can kiss my ... it will be a reliefe not to have to deal with them unless I wish to.


It has been some time since I have posted anything on how my "problem" with TC is going. So I will say this. Their desire to bring closure ASAP to our "problem" is now into the fifth month since the acting Regional Director General Transport Canada, Pacific Region met with me.


Suffice to say closure is not exactly what is taking place and my hope that any real fair resolution or for that matter any resolution will ever transpire is fading fast.


Like I have told them, dealing with common street criminals would be far better than dealing with them. If you are not in a financial position to hire good lawyers you don''t have a hope in **** of receiving due process, at least that has been my experience to this point in time.


So I will just do what ever I must to earn a living.


On a brighter note it looks like I will receive authorization to train and issue type ratings on Dutch aircraft soon, then I go to Amsterdam to train four pilots on their Cat.


Then its off to London to ferry the Cat that opens the movie "Below"

that was just recently released in the video stores. So if you want to see some flying that I did for Mirimax just rent "Below". The departure date for the North Atlantic ferry flight to Norfolk Virginia is the first week in June.


The hardest thing about flying is knowing when to say no.


The reverend Chas W.

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I hear you about the flying. hven''t been up since december. checkout, here i come!


what makes it worse is that i''m not even working as a wrench anymore, so i literaly haven''t touched a plane since then. 2 more weeks and we''ll slip the surly bonds once again...


i''ve got a small block of hours available, so i''ve been trying to think up a good x-country to take = experienc + fun.


10 to 15 hours of flying round trip from yul: any suggestions welcomed. share your dreams and ideas!



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Yeah schteevie, I fly out of GTA, YKZ to be exact. Always lookin to get together with tose who wanna fly. You fly out of the Island? (From yr pic, it looks like it is the City Center)


I will have to check it out Cat Driver, the movie I mean. I saw the Cat''s a few months ago after a post someone made about em. Look like fun to fly. Awe ****, almost any plane is fun to fly, it''s just a balance between fun and fear.


I was showing a buddy all sorts of stuff the other weekend. You know, I think it was a good refresher for me too, to review all the stuff you don''t normally do or think about in a flight. Sometimes I just feel like a Sunday driver in a plane, and complacency kills. I told him all about straight and level, turns, steep turns, climbs, descents, slow flight. It was like I could hear my instructor beside me explaining it all. I was fun and made me recall it all. Landing was good, they got to see a light cross wind, and a slip. (And I just have to say, a Warrior is a plane that likes to glide, esp in ground effect. It suprises me how much more so next to the Archer even.)


Question: Can a show a buddy a stall? I mean, I showed him slow flight, and took it right to the edge where the stall horn just started to whine and then backed it off. (I was at 5000 ft at the time, did my HASEL.)


All and all, Its fun to show new guys interested in flight stuff. And like they say, it you wanna learn your stuff, just try an explain it to another. Should be a requirement of the training, have to explain in detail what you are doing, then again, I remember doing it, and its not the same when you know that your instructor knows it better than you do.


Doing sight sees over Toronto is fun too, people love to see the the downtown core and get a different angle on the CN tower. Its easy for us pilots to get jaded when we do it all the time. Like I said to one guy when he asked what I did last weekend. I said my wife and I just popped over to Lindsay in a plane for a burger and some pie. His response: "You live in a different world than I." I like to think of it as soring over the mundane.





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Hey there flythenumbers,


If I remember correctly, it is GFB and GMT that you are flying there at YKZ...? 2.gifI spent a bunch of hours in both those planes when I used to rent at Toronto Airways back around '96-98 or so...

those planes were alot of of fun - and much cooler then a 172! 10.gif

I am at ATI based out of YTZ now - both because it is closer for me to get to, and I like the new planes. they have seven 172Rs and two katana eclipses - I think they have the largest fleet of new aircraft in Canada - atleast thats what they say... 2.gifthey are a bit more expensive then the older planes, but all these new planes have awesome new digital radios with top notch panel mounted GPS - and ofcourse the "brand new car smell" that makes those shakey newby passengers a lot less uneasy about a "first flight"; It's a big change from the late 60's early 70's model aircraft I used to always be renting...

I got tired of having to explain that just because the vinal was torn and the plastic was cracked, and there were lots of funny creaking noises, the plane is stil safe... 3.gif

I also like being right there at the city, so the old "sight seeing" flight can be easily accomplished in 0.7 and I still get to do a couple circuits.

This keeps me current, and my pasengers happy.

The flight from YKZ to the downtown core doesn't leave much time for sight seeing over the city if you are trying to come in under $150 for the evening 3.gif

Anyway - to answer your question about passengers and stalls - yes, it is illegal to do any aerobatics with a passenger... even an other private pilot (which is dumb) but thats the rule.

you can only do that stuff solo or with an instructor.

I believe this includes stalls, spins, lazy eights, anything like that (any one else care to comment?)


So what is your story? you in it for fun or a career?

I love flying, but only for fun, when I want to; don't like the idea of "work" getting all mixed up in it.

I am just a weekend warrior like my sig says


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You are correct, it is GMT and GFB. Both are cool planes, they fly alot less than the 172s. I guess cause they aren''t rate for spins that they don''t teach in them. TAL also keeps the rental rates the same or a bit lower, so, I get to rent a cooler plane that goes faster for the same price. A low wing just feels like a real plane to me, instead of a box with wings.


Yes, it is funny to have to explain to your passangers that even though the plane looks like its falling apart, its still safe to fly. I once did that infront of a two people going up for a sight see. Dispatch asked me which plane I had just flown, I told em "It was HMU, you know the one thats falling apart." (The trim was falling off the dash, and behind the passager seat.) Then I noticed the sight see-ers, and had to say "No its okay, just kidding." (HMU holds a special place in my heart, it was my first solo plane, OYR is special too, cause it was my long X cntry plane.)


I have been wanting to fly a Katana sometime, but they just look like toys to me. Kinda like an Untralight. Still, fun to try.


I think this year, as a birthday present to myself, I am going to either do a FAM flight in a helicopter, or do 1-2 hrs in the seminal. Love to see what its like to fly a twin.


Currently, I fly for fun. Not sure what to do otherwise. I have no time to really devote to starting a career in it, cause the money is just not good enough. I looked at buying a plane, and may someday, but right now, too much other stuff to do and buy. Goal: work at getting my commercial, maybe next year. Then maybe my instructors rating, but I don''t know how many would want to hire a part time low timer. (Oh yeah, and you get bashed for ever even wanting to teach as a low timer, cause for some reason competency and skill are not good enough. :) ) I also want to take some AME type courses, just to increase my knowledge. If I had the space, I''d build my own kit plane, again, maybe someday.




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I feel the same way about low wingers being more like "real" planes.

The katana is far from an ultralight... 


The original DA20-A1 model was under powered, but they got it right with the new DA20-C1.


It is a tight squeeze to get in, and if your passenger is much over 200 lbs forget about it - the w/b math doesn't work.

I like the layout inside - it flys with a stick and center consol throttle, and you really lay back in the seat like a sports car.

The handling is really tight, it gets about 145 kts cruise and can climb over 1200 ft/min!

If I get recurrent in it, I'll take you for a ride.


here is a link to a shot of the panel I took.  still can't figure out the "rich text" on this forum...  if it isn't clickable, just copy/paste it I guess...



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The "Katana Eclipse" is a great little machine...

Fuel burn is about 6 GPH at cruise (but the single fuel tank only has 24.5 usable - so endurance is still similar to a 172)


The "solar cooking factor" of the canopy is not as bad as you would think... 

If it is a hot day, you would want to keep it open as long as possible on the ramp before you get going...  But it does become a bit of a sauna if you are stuck in line on a taxiway...  but isn''t it like that in all small aircraft?

In flight it is fine, there is good ventilation, and little sliding windows on each side if you need even more airflow in the cockpit.


I highly recomend it for private flying - it is alot of fun!

The ONLY draw back is that it is a 2 seater, so you can''t split the cost with extra people like you can in a 172 or PA28.

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