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State Of The Canadian Industry - Your View ?

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Right, Neville, and I don't know how a couple of mentions equates to "all this talk," Mags.


To no-one's surprise, I'm sure, Sissypuss (the progeny, it seems likely, of the unnatural mating of the dark voices of the east and the west) has little good to say but, fortunately there are some encouraging 'balancing' inputs from the obviously less jaded.


As in most industries, we have our good features and our less so, including our perennial problems. Perhaps in one way sadly, aviators are a conservative lot, but when they're welded to bean-counters we get a downright ugly concoction, don't we?


In my few decades of observation, Neville, most of the change has been technological and sociological. The industry is probably essentially healthy in Canada, although troubled by a variety of ailments, most of which have been touched on. None of these are any more serious than they are new, and the maturity I hoped to see in my career has largely failed to materialize. Perhaps most sadly, I see no signs in this newer generation that it's anywhere near over the horizon. B)

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<_< If all you self-prclaimed aviation/helicopter industry "experts" have all the answers.......why not start a consulting business? Better yet, go all out....start your own operation(s), I'll bet if someone hired Sisyphus as president and or Ops Manager, it would be a raving success :lol: Yep, thats it.....call it, "Moron Helicopters Inc". University degree's required though, oh yea....don't forget J. Ralph as the C.P........ :P:lol::lol:
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And some of the sickness prevelant in the industry is observed right here. A big gang of regulars who dominate and refute all other arguments or opinions brought forward for change. Helilog56's attitude, sarcasism and denegration of anothers post is common in what should be the worlds best forum for helicopter discussion and LEARNING. Instead it is just a forum for a gang of 'ol boys **** bent on keeping the industry and future firmly under their control for the betterment of self rather than the rest.

Preach all you want lads of how holistic your vision of what the workplace should be but while we are in it, it will be a poluted environment. Maybe this place should just be for discussing the next BBQ get together.


Magseals final comment is prudent but I think the comments of Vortex are inaccurate.

Most of the grumbling inside the industry is coming from experienced pilots. Take the time to ask a guy what he thinks about a Pilot orientated organisation (union?), something to stand up for his concerns and you will get an affirmative reply. Or at least that is what I am hearing from the front lines.


OR better still... ask the wives and girlfriends... hahahahahaha.

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The beauty of Canada and the helicopter industry here is that if you and everyone else wants change, you can make it happen. WTF, we have the freedom to start our own helicopter company if we want or you can start a union. If the industry embraces it, the organization will flourish. Be in control of your destiny and start what is missing in the industry. As a card carrying member of the "good 'ol boys club", hopefully Downwash, helilog56 and I can get together for a BBQ this summer during some fire flap, whattya think guys? My little corner of the world has very few complainers and a lot of positive people about helicopters in Canada.

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Many of the posters here are helicopter operators or have management positions within a helicopter company. It would be erroneous to attribute some of the things written to them, but it is likely.


It is most discouraging to hear the disregard that some have for higher education. Accurate scientific knowledge and awareness of the environment held by the majority of the planet’s population are perhaps the only things that will save Earth from an ugly future.


That false perceptions are held by helicopter people is evident. One only needs to recall that some believe that weight produces enough heat to cause aircraft to stick to snow. Another disturbing practice tis the rectal method of determing gross weight wherein the pilot loads up his machine and then makes the attempt to fly it, trusting his bottom to know if he is within limits.


The moderators of this forum are quite selective about what is censured. Niumerous insults have been cast in the form of alteration of poster’s names. These juvenile jibes only serve to reveal the true nature of those who make them. Their feeble slights are most welcome.


The world is rapidly changing. Failure to change with it results in death. The view of the industry held is that the dinosaurs that control it refuse to make the radical paradigm change necessary to make it work. The results may well be fatal.

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Don't know if this is politically correct or that I should even add anything here, I've stayed away from the sand box this long, but here goes anyways. I heard this expression a week or so ago and I found it to be a little blunt, rude yet true. This guy was refering to, ah ****, I can't even remember what, but his one liner was "this place could use an enema right about now". Buddy had had enough of the garbage flying around and figured a good cleaning would help ! Twas something political but it could easily be applied in other areas. Kinda sick but admit kinda funny too !!!


Where did them good old exchanges days go anyways ....

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:huh: Jeez....a little sarcastic humour and some take it personel....lighten up, it was just my warped sense of humour poking a little fun.

WTF, obviously very little sense of humour, I hardly think my little (and I do mean little), amounts of input to this forum constitutes being part of an old boys club. If you don't like my attitude, well thats just to bad(wah). I tend to use sarcastic humour as supposed to a lot of insufferable "whining" that tends to pop up here, because some feel the industry does not meet there standards, or don't like it, the way it is (Sisyphus is a prime example of that).

Oh....and by the way Sissy, as you feel I have a distain for higher education, I don't feel my MBA helped my flying career,"period". I followed a dream, a very simple one, it was to fly. And though it is in a "far from perfect industry", I still love it, and accept it for what it is. ;)

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