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Questions About Canadian Helicopter Training


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Since I was 8 I want to be a helicopter pilot, but my eyes are to bad for the Europian rules. I' looked for solutions. One was the helicopter training in Canada. I found a school in Penticton, This school was connected with Canadian Helicopters.

I've heard that Canadian Helicopters one of the best company in the world is about helicopter-work. I thought that this is a good solution. I also want to work after the training in Canada/USA.


But I want to focus on other schools to.


I hope you understand that it's not easy to pick a school all the way from Holland, and that I have to choose between schools on what they say on their websites and e-mail.


Maybe you can give me other info about other schools. Or recommmendations or something. You can help me a lot with this!!!!! :up:


My e-mail is:




I'm looking forward to you response. :D



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Jurjen, Glad you found your way in here. Like I said befor these people will be very helpful to you, personnally I think this course is quite exspensive ringing in at over 130000$, but you can train on piston helis for much cheaper.


Hope you got my PM at HC, Cole B)

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canadian's school in penticton is not really for ab-initio training. they do mountain flying techniques primarily and train a lot of higher time civil and military pilots. i would not go there unless you have lots of money to spend.

have a look around, you will find lots of options throughout canada but if i were you i would try to concentrate on the west because if you want some mountain flying training when doing your initial flight training then you will have to train in the mountains. if you want work here also, then try to go with a school that is backed by a charter company. there aren't that many that fit in that description but canadian helicopters does have a school outside of toronto (buttonville) but it's pretty flat out there. a friend of mine did his training there and he seemed to be pretty happy with it. i trained at chinook helicopters in abbotsford, bc and it has stood me in fairly good stead but there are lots of others that might be more appropriate for your needs. good luck.

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thanks a lot for the given info


I want to work also in Canada/USA. And you said that it's usefull to go with a school that is backed by a charter company.


I know Canadian Helicopters, but are there more in Canada??


Many thanks,



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if you can speak both, then more power to you but if english would be your preferred language i would stay west as there are more operators in BC and alberta than the rest of the country so it might make life a little easier for you if you were to be in the neighbourhood when you are starting out.

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