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Your Freebie Copy Of Heli Ops - Has It Arrived

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TTF and All,


Thanks for the feedback on the new look, much appreciated. As I posted before wanted to give the mag a new different look so that both us and Vertical have two distinct type of styles and looks. Mike and Linda have a great magazine and I think between their mag and Heli Ops, you dont need to read anything else to know whats happening in the heli industry, both in North America and worldwide.


Regards from Hong Kong,






Hey Ned,


Just pulled mine out of the box tonight in NW Ontario.


Great job! You're continuing to set the bar really high for your competitors.


The flying blind article was excellent. Very interesting to read about how other operators around the world are gettin er done.


Awesome pics in the Touch of Lime article.


Thanks again.


Best Regards,


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Heli Ops,

Just got back from camp and it was in my maibox, looks great and sweet pics. Look forward to having a full read through. Will have to fight for it if it gets to the hangar so this one will stay at the house for now.

Keep it up and the new look is awesome.


cheap tuesdays

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Guest Bullet Remington

Ned and Crew:



Magazine arrived today. Thanks greatly appreciated! Like the lay out. Photos and articles are excellent.


Photos from the tsunami were awe striking! You hire a new writer??? Article on the tsunami air ops was well written!! ;)


I can certainly side with the Tour operator from Zambia. When one is operating with a "Just in Time" parts sourcing/delivery, it's most difficlut to live with poor service!


Thanks again for the copy, greatly appreciated and nice to see the job opportunities included!


Great work, great magazine!



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