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How many lay offs so far ?

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I haven’t heard of any layoffs yet. I know a few pilots that are currently in training and some that just finished. Also some are postponed. I think some operators are waiting to see what happens with TC and training extensions. Looks like HAC is working hard trying to get training & PPC’s extended until the end of October. 

“March 27, 2020 

Ladies & Gentlemen:

It has been a wild ride – and it’s not nearly over yet.

HAC has been participating in calls with TC three times a week on this subject. Yesterday’s call was the most productive so far. Draft minutes of the teleconference call of March 25, 2020.

I have summarized the content of the call below:

  • Exemptions to be issued shortly
  • Extension of recurrent training
  • Extension of TDG training
  • Extension of instructor ratings
  • Extension of PPCs by 60 days with the option of requesting another 30 days
  • Extension of current ACP authorities by six months 

HAC has been pushing Transport Canada to extend current AND EXPIRED PPCs/Medicals/ACP authorities/Instructor ratings (and not just by “60 or 90 days”, but to the end of October), since so many of our employees often get these renewed in the Spring, prior to the operating season. Operators have expressed concern over a bow wave of renewals that could take place mid-season otherwise. 

As you can imagine, my phone has been ringing off-the-hook from Members and while many of them are in difficult financial circumstances – there seems to be a good number who think that we are going to move from staff lay-offs to shortages very soon as this pandemic deepens and our industry is called upon to start moving sick people; supplying isolated communities without air service; flying for police/security authorities/military; deploying ad-hoc health teams to communities; flood-related flying; fire-fighting (which has already started in BC); Break-up flying; etc. “

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1 hour ago, Wizard said:

I'm curious what the situation must be like at schools, has training has stopped outright? 

There is no situation.   My understanding (Having got a personal phone call from one operator) is that all schools were closed.

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Still on salary for the time being but nearly impossible to get back and forth to work overseas.  My back2back and I offered to do two month tours and hopefully things are normalized enough by the end of April to allow my return.  We're considered essential so fingers crossed....

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