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That's a good link, unfortunately the article is from last November.  Their website (www.tntaheli.com/index.htm) has ©2020 Trans North Helicopters  indicated on it and they are apparently looking for AME's and Pilots.  From that it seems they may have been sold and are operating.  If someone is looking for work, give them a call and report back.  Fortunately for me things are stable but slowed a bit...for now. 

Stay healthy everyone and like my Mom used to say...WASH YOUR HANDS!!

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Two pax in a 212 works for me. One in each penalty box!🤣 If I need to drive from BC to Ontario to feed my children then so be it. Girls gotta eat!

Ronny there is always money. Haven't you heard the budget balances itself? 

One company here in the East let pretty much let everyone go with the exception of the management.   

On 4/6/2020 at 3:50 PM, MEOB said:

Yes you got that right, I suspect there are a few that are still alive that are shaking their heads. Not the same place now. Far from it. Been slowly sinking since it was sold by Steele 

Shaking or perhaps laughing, he sold the company for much more than it was worth. Now part of the current ownership lost a bundle in the stock market and they have to operate with cash on hand, in April...

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