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Are people still using Cirro ???

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We use it mostly for the scheduler which I think it does well. We also use the W+B which works really well now that they have ironed out the bugs we asked them to. The people who hate it most tend to have greyish hair and have their iPhone font turned up to max size. Just sayin'.

If I don't like something with it I email them and they usually have a fix for me within a day or two. Great guys to work with for sure.

In our industry, with so many "my way is the only way" personalities, it would be impossible to fit software that works for everyone perfectly. I think that is why there is so many pieces of software out there that are SO painful to use as they are infinitely customizable and therefore infinitely frustrating to work with.

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We use it, it's not perfect but it ticks lots of boxes, nav works good enough for what we do once your used to it. My biggest complaint is its billed per aircraft, per month so for our operation where almost all our work happens within 3 months its expensive...

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