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Vancouver Heli Tours

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:) Hey Tqn.....are you coming up to my part of the world? Is it a helicopter tour of our area your after? There is no shortage of local operators, some of which are right at YVR. Let me know what type of a/c is your preference. With your exchange to our canadian peso the hourly rates are a good deal. If you like I will pm you some names and numbers..... :)
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Alrighty then....Seeing that we can not stop you at the border :P Highland Helicopters usually has a 206 at the south side of YVR(604 273-6161), Talon Helicopters has longrangers and astars at the same location (604 214-3585), or try Omega Aviation (604 273-5311) All three are first class, and right there on the airport, which will save you some peso's if you want to just fly local.....Cheers H56

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