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guilty Firehawk,

hanging here in southern Colorado just out side of Durango. Wettest winter in a 10 years, but a very hot spring. After 5 years of drought , it could be an intersesting one... The Grass is BIG, and it is hot, I bet we are two weeks out from chaos! Just south of here they have a good one running in the Ponderosa Pine between 7-10Kpa, driven up into it by the grass and PJ...


So which Empire (i assume)ship

you flying down here ? R5 I guess? Ramona? Heaps Peak?



Heres a pic of the turkey guzzler: ( you should have seen the cute wildlife girl whos projects this is, ehhh gahds!! :up: )






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I will be on the Bozeman, Montana, Gallatin National forest C-FAHL.

Sounds like it has been a wet winter in many places in the south, alot of tall green shrubs,

once she gets hot and browns out, it will be very interesting. I worked with a crew out of Durango last summer, They were in Payson helping us out for a few weeks.

Check your PM's.

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Hey Duece

is that type of work your doing IFR? How busy are you doing that?


Hi Firehawk,

We have been running around 150 hours a month between a 212 and a 76. Split between 5 pilots, (3 Canadians and 2 locals.) It requires an IFR rating as does all offshore work that I know of but except for night medevacs we are rarely required to use it. The local duty flight restrictions are 6 hours flight and 10 duty per day. Not what we are used to at home.

We get paid by the day instead of by the hour thankfully.

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