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Anyone Heard This One?

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Guest graunch1

I just have a problem with a guy with a gun up front who is quite likley been divorced at least 2 or 3 times, has a grade 10 education, learned to fly and become a "professional" in 3 months, has the hots for 50% of the population,thinks he is the right hand of God and of course is always right! :shock:


Of course as an AME I do have this biased opinion of piltos having met all of the abov over the years either seperately or rolled up into the same bundle :P

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Guest graunch1

Why do pilots seldon strike???


Tooooo many alimony payments :P


Actually there are lots of great guys and gals out there -- mostly in the rotary world (offshore excepted) bush ops and other smaller operations. Once they get to the airline world ---all bets are off :down:



ps thanx skidz

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