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As350 B3 Landed On Mt. Everest

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Well Done for pointing that out Bleed Air,


To my knowlege, Sir Ed is still very much alive :up:




Hillary, Sir Edmund Percival


Hillary, Sir Edmund Percival, 1919–, New Zealand mountain climber and explorer. He went on many mountain-climbing expeditions before 1953, when he and Tenzing Norgay of Nepal were the first people to reach the summit of Mt. Everest. He was later knighted by Queen Elizabeth II. In 1958, leading a five-person group by dog sled and snow tractor across 1,200 mi (1,931 km) of Antarctica to the South Pole, he became part of the first group since 1912 to reach the Pole by overland route. In 1960 he embarked on a search for the abominable snowman. A year later he suffered a mild cerebral stroke while climbing Mt. Makalu (27,790 ft; 8,470 m) in Nepal. He was named New Zealand's high commissioner to India in 1984. His works include High Adventure (1955), the story of his Everest climb, and No Latitude for Error (1961), which recounts the South Pole expedition.



Congrats to EC and Mr Delsalle on the ultimate landing !

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The battle lines seem to be drawn on this one.


Pro Bell.

Con Bell.

Pro Eurocopter.

Con Eurocopter.


I'll leave out all the crappy bull s**t arguing each point of view.


How about taking a step back and viewing the forest instead of the individual trees....


No matter how you try to twist the facts, a helicopter landed on top of Mt. Everest - now that is a HUGE accomplishment, no matter who did it or what kind of helicopter did it.


Peace out

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Hey 4961, seems to me you have way too much time on your hands to dig up this kind of information. Get up to Ft. Nelson and get to work!




Sitting my the phone, waiting, watching, waiting.


I'm third out the door for Nelly, so I'm waiting, and watching.

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So, as I wrote that about Hillary, that knocking noise in the back of my head was actually trying to tell me something. When will I learn to listen to it. Thanks for the gentle 'wake-up' guys. :wacko:


And, 407D, kudos for the great new avatar. Wish I'd beat you to that one. :up:

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