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Universal along with Lake Else closed.


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14 hours ago, DGP said:

Getting some cobwebs out there bud...good one. My Buddy Ray Gilstorf worked for Sky Rotors...told me the story about the 2  vertols that smucked into each other out in the bush and they tied trees to the sides of the airframes to fly them back to town for further repairs....unreal! He also worked for Northern Wings ...Autair and Viking as well as Midwest and Custom.

No kidding on the cobwebs lol. Can't help but thinking some of the stories from the old days would have the youts (from  My Cousin Vinnie) spewing their latte frappachinos  all over their x-boxes lol. Not all of them of course

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3 hours ago, DGP said:

Good one there...I believe Jan E was chief driver at Nationwide and then became chief at Campbell....we shared a bottle of Gimli's finest up in Bissett Manitoba back in 1984...working for Midwest...he was driving RUS or RSR...I was driving JRH. Keep em coming!!!Some real good ones that I had totally forgotten about!

Yes, I was very fortunate that Jan took me under his wing and taught me lots before Nationwide folded. I dropped by Elbow River 4-5 years ago and had a great chat with him.  I know he bent a few people the wrong the way over the years. I on the other have nothing but praise for him. One of THE best medium drivers I've ever had the pleasure of working with.

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