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Universal along with Lake Else closed.

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1 hour ago, OTR said:

Happiness was a Bow Job 😁

Pretty sure Jan was chief there as well....I was across the ramp...anyone on here have one of the old Liftair t-shirts....you all know the one!

Dad's Pictures 004.jpg

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This sums it up.....

Uh oh I feel round 2 of BBQ fight club is about to kick off.

I see where you are coming from but on that note was there empathy when a certain individual went on a rant and decided to invite random people from a helicopter forum to fight him in his back yard, b

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No...it had a picture of a 204 slinging a drill and read Liftair gets it up and then another outfit came out with a t-shirt that read yeah but we keep it up...don't know what happened to the one I had. Liftair had a hangar in Calgary not far from Kenting and Bow's hangar....Copter shop was also in Bow's hangar.

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Is that the same Jim Grey that was working for Custom and then I heard was working medivac out in portage la Prairie? The old hangar that I worked in in Calgary was shared with Pan Arctic Oil...it burnt down....probably was the same one.

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59 minutes ago, VERTICAL REF said:

Liftair, Bow, Quasar, Lakeland, Shirley, Shunda, Nahanni, Frontier/Conair, Mushroom Farmers, Canarc, Ruperts Land, Tiaga, Peace...

Rupert's Land... Haven't heard that name in a long time. I was up in La Ronge when I was still writing for the original "Helicopters" magazine. Rupert's was just finishing off the new hangar so I pitched in and helped.... Had a few cold ones that night with Don, Sybil, and can't remember the name of the other 500 driver who was there... 👍😎

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Met Ernie Grant from Dominion Helicopters  in (Knob Lake) 1956 on the Mid-Canada Doppler Detection System.

The original Canadian Helicopters, was born in Montreal with on one Helicopter around the same time

At that time (50's), there were two major helicopter companies in Canada, Spartan Air Services in the East or Okanogan in the West.

In 1957 DND awarded contracts to Spartan to fly the Piasecki H-21's from Knob Lake east to Hopedale, including west to Hudson Bay,

Okanogan was awarded the contract from the west side of Hudson Bay to the Pacific Ocean, using the original S-58.

When I left the service I applied at Spartan Air Services and went back on the Mid-Canada Line on the Flying Banana.

Most of the crews at that time were ex military.

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