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Universal along with Lake Else closed.


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4 hours ago, DGP said:

Hey Don...were does SkyRotors fit into the story...my buddy Ray Gilstorf told me he worked for Autair before he went to SkyRotors...he said when they locked the doors there he went with Viking...had some good stories about Viking....Mostly about Larry C.Ray did time in Africa with Viking....after Jimmies Lagoon.

Sky Rotors was for formed by a gentleman from Piaseki (american) instructor and very knowledgeable on there products. The Royal Canadian Navy operated the Piaseki HUP-3 a predecessor of the HU-21 and was used on the HMCS Labrador (ice breaker).  The HUP-3 was  a tandem rotor with fwd and aft transmission and folding blades. 

During a 300 hr inspection on one HUP that had returned from Arnprior,ON, there was a requirement to check and adjust the rigging on the rotor heads, special rigging pins were to be inserted in the head to check conformity to specs.

The movement of the blade pitch was controlled by screw jacks, that were controlled by inputs from the Pilot, inside the screw jacks  stops were installed to eliminate max movement up or down. THE UPPER STOPS WERE NOT INSTALLED AND THIS WAS FOUND BY PULLING UP ON THE PITCH HORN TO INSERT THE RIGGING PINS. 

Nobody had ever pulled full pitch on the collective, in three hundred flight hours

That is when I met Tom.....?   

I  was hired by Larry Camphaug at Spartan Air Services, went to Arnprior and took a very extensive course on the H21 and proceed to the Mid-Canada Line (Knob Lake).

Tandem Rotor Helicopters are the only machines you can rotate around the fwd or aft transmission, FUN.

I loved landing like a DC-3 on the airstrip and taxing to the hangar.

Cheers Don 

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On 4/17/2020 at 9:42 AM, Iceman said:

Turbowest (Ron Ellard, Fred Hobbs, Brian Johnstone etc)

Does anyone know what happened to Max Sandersen...he was working for Turbo West summer of 89...met him on a fire near the Pas ...he was 70 at that time...probably long gone!

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