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Another Freebie Copy Of Heli Ops - You Up For It.

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Since today has started off exceptionally well thought I would extend an even better invite to members of the forum here.


The last issue of the magazine was not quite up to the standard we wanted, and therefore the next issue, this being the May/June issue, will be even better. So you can get a feel for what the 'proper' standard of the mag will be I am happy to send you another freebie copy if you would like one.


Drop me a PM with name and postal address. All the postal addresses sent previously for the last mailout have been deleted so if you want another copy you have to PM me again. Sorry :oops:


As a special treat here is a sneaky peek at the cover of the next issue. Shot this here in Kiwiland, standing right under the start of the spray path for a friends 300C. Gave me quite a cool angle. :up:





Thanks again to everyone for the feedback, it all helps.




Heli Ops :prop:

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Hey All,


Have just changed the cover shot for the next issue and its an absolutely awesome one. My editorial board all agree its one of the most amazing images we have featured so forget about the 300 spraying above, the new one is going to rock your socks so make sure you ask for your freebie copy.




Heli Ops

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