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Pay Rates

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Ah dang Vert Ref, you'll have to yell louder than that, I missed the call for the cold one (or room temp - a wino I am  ....)


PM?  I sent you a PM?  Dang again, better watch out what I do, don't recall unless you're referring to my play/post with MSS (sounds like a disease doesn't it!)


Hey, there's a thought (ouch) lets find other variations of what MSS could stand for ....



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hey biggzie, i hear ya man...the only reason i watched msn was to see old MSS.


that information minister should have his own show right before letterman eh?


"there are no americans at the saddam international airport"...


too early to start with the beer, call ya later. hey how you get that fancy self portrait?

suave, mighty suave...

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who do you want to fly the steamer for?

canadian, resource, wildcat, campbell, vih,alpine, tundra or skyline?

the company and the job vary as much as makin'' the big bucks or just getting by...


alpine, skyline and wildcat will be at the top (in my opinion)


no sense on getting paid $175 a flight hour if your always on the ground waiting for parts!!!

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they are all close,

numbers range from 95/hr drilling and 90/hr sking to 90/hr drilling and 85/hr sking.

straight hourly is 150/hr with 2 hr mins all the way to 185/hr no mins.

daily rates from 200 to 400 per day.

depends on how good of a talker you are?


daily, daily/hourly, straight hourly- what ever, should work out to 90k per year for right around 180 days worked, give or take...


take your T4 total and divide by the number of days you worked last year and if your driving a medium it should be in the 500 to 600 per day range.

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