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Moved for two jobs in 37 years, both turned out to be very good moves, but admittedly it's a gamble.  Got 9 years and an IFR ticket out of the first move, and heavy/offshore time and 11 years out of the second move.  Then I went touring.  Wife is too settled now to move anywhere again. I turned down one request to move in the past five years but they gave in and elected to tour me, so I got lucky. I wouldn't advise it but you just never know....

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One of best pieces of advice I was given 30 years ago when I first broke into the industry was. NEVER move anywhere in this industry for a job, EVER. That advice has proved invaluable over the years.

Jeez shakey for someone who hates foreign workers you're pretty keen to steal a local's job in Africa. 

And I don't hate Foriegn workers per say just voice my opinion that for the most part they have been unnecessary and exploited by the usual suspect companies. But yeah I should have known better now t

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