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problems with these forums...

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correct me if I am wrong...


My initial impressions of the set-up of this site is that the cababilities and features of the forums are lacking...


1) no image or HTML links can be put into messages?


2) user profiles do not include important information like location or contact info such as email for other users to see...?


consdidering that this site is attmepting to become a major meeting place for Canadian Aviation - there should atleast be the basic functions that we are used to from most all other online forums.


currently, My "home base" forum site is at canadianaviation.com.

However - they seem to be consistantly down these days for some reason.

So, if this site is going to become dominant, I hope it becomes more usable then it is now...



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1) when you go to post a message, click the "use rich text" format. check the html box a the bottome and you''ll be able to use certain tags (including anchor and img). some tags aren''t supported but that is just a safety feature for the forum. when you use the rich text once it will come up everytime you reply unless you click the ''normal text'' button.


2) i''ll see about adding fields to the profiles but there is an "email this user" in the profile.

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