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VMC flight into IMC


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11 minutes ago, Purple_head said:


pool pilot: I don’t know what’s more impressive....32 years accident free, or the fact you’ve been wearing depends that long. 

It is very unfortunate that you will never feel the security of the depends.

Mind you I am telling you all the years of no diapers is wonderful and we all hope someday you will experience this wonderful feeling. Be fore you make the remembrance wall.

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48 minutes ago, Pool pilot said:

Well us dusty old pilots know you are so wrong about this as I personally have attended to many funerals of loggers.

Please do tell us your real name as we will watch the remembrance wall and all of us dusty old pilots will be saying "Called it" when your name shows up on the wall. We will know before hand as you will be in the news so that your 15 minutes of fame will be used in the teaching of how pilots should not fly.

In the big picture you will save many pilots and lives of passengers with your stupidity.

So if you want to go out and fly the loggers that no one will miss my bet is you are to scare to put your real name here.

Because if you do you purple_head pilot they will never fly with you again 

My final advice for you is to loosen your Grip while watching the internet and the colour will go from purple to pink from what I have heard.

I am 32yrs Accident free.

My name is actually a reference to the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent Book for 1962, but thanks for coming out.

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Seeing as everyone missed what I eluded to, and what 500driver backed me up on earlier....I will lay it out for all you ice-flow worthy geezers and visor-down-selfie dorks.

Nobody has any context. They don’t know what the weather was like 5 min earlier. They don’t know what it even looks like at the time. Should he have left your precious loggers on the hill overnight in winter conditions?

No doubt one of you muppets have already reported him to transport for getting his crew back to camp safely.

This is what’s wrong with the industry.

Not the odd pilot who fly’s when he shouldn’t.

Its d!ckheads like reaper who are ready to crucify somebody without the whole story. You’re all lying to yourselves if you think you wouldn’t bend a rule or two to get the job done.

-fly within your comfort zone

- Tell clients who are trying to talk you into killing yourselves to go meet up with reapers boyfriend instead

-stop blaming everyone who is putting the “pressure” on you and take some ownership.


Merry Christmas 

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