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Tips On Doing Mini Audits


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thought I'd ask for any tips on common errors or places missed etc  on mpm or mcm's in small operators so a guy can learn something every day..



Coming from a person with an "AUDIT" background, your best bet is to ask the "AUDITORS".


Allthough a pain at times TC is actually there to help, contact anybody in aviation safety such as Brad Vardy who's adddress and phone number is in "Vortex" and he will be glad to help.


An audit is not a mystery, you are audited on your approved manuals.


The manual was written by you stating that you will do things a certain way, approved by TC and all they are checking (auditing) is that you are doing things in accordance with your approved manual that you wrote.


Clear as mud, eh.


Cheers Don


PS: No difference between large or small operators, only volume. Every operator has to work to the same rules.

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TC has a check list of what they look for when they come visit and I believe it may be on their web site. If its not there your PMI can supply it to you. Its not allowed to be a surprise so if you want to see what skeletons they're trying to find, just ask. I've used it before and it's pretty handy. I believe an internal audit should be fairly thorough so theres nothing you're not well versed on when you get a "real" audit.

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Who ever writes the MCM just don’t put things in there you can’t comply with fairly easily. A common error is for recurrent training, don’t put too much time in you can’t meet. Maybe allow for one seminar and a quick read of the MCM. It’s what you put in your MCM Transport will be looking for compliance with. One question that comes up a lot “where do you find the latest revision status of a certain manual”? Never mix serviceable parts with unserviceable parts. If they are in the same area lock the unserviceable parts up in say a file cabinet in “Quarantine”. All serviceable parts must have “trace-ability” with the part/parts, if it’s lost or missing, get rid of the part, be it screws washers or whatever. Watch the shelf life on “O rings”

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Your Auditing Procedures Forms and Evaluation Program as defined in your MCM and MPM (if applicable) should address the required areas for your audit. My best advice is to have a external third party audit your organization using your auditing procedures and forms. Get them to also use the TC audit forms and you can compare the two. If you are working with the system all of the time you won't be able to do an effective evaluation of the organization. :up:

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Guest graunch1

Re training--make sure you document all of it so the TC guy can see written proof of the training.


Actually this goes for many items. If your MCM says that you will be doing task such&such, make sure there is a good paper trail for it because that is what they look for

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Having an audit and Q/A back ground I found most of what was mentioned in this discussion to be correct. In simplified terms the audit is carried out on your MCM/MPM policies and procedures and what you say you are doing you are, it's not always perfect. I found as a Q/A guy that I would also do random phase audits during the course of the year, visit with the floor AME's during maintenance functions and audit maintenance practices as it relates to the MCM/MPM and manufactures requirements.


I would pick a log here and there to make sure defect procedures are being adhered to and look for a deferred items to have a statement that aircraft is airworthy and or serviceable, TC looks for that information when deferring. Look for pilot log entries for any 625 appendix "A" work (elementary tasks) and servicing entries. In addition look for tolerance inspection entries and how tolerances are being done. In addition look for AD's entries, recurrent entries. Audit the CARS any time there is a change and document this audit process of CARS, you need to make sure that if it affects the MCM/MPM that amendments are done in a timely manor. Also, I found that making single page amendments to MCM/MPM would speed up the process especially if the PMI is really busy. If there is a repetitive non-compliance in some areas I would recommend to the DOM that updated or recurrent training and testing is carried out if deemed necessary. I have only recommended the suspension of one individual ACA due to repetitive non-compliance of both the MCM and CARS that put the company AMO at risk. With a little recurrent training and short true or false exam questions he was reinstated. It was noted in my files and when we were audited TC was very satisfied with the finding and the short and long term corrective action.


I use the company Q/A audit forms as well as I customized TC audit forms such as the Audit notification form, confirmation request form, confirmation tracking, parallel observation and modified the MAJOR REPAIR OR MAJOR MODIFICATION REPORT to a minor repair or minor repair form for maintenance carried out that was not major, such as approved hardware substitution, repair that does not fall under the CARS Standard 571 Appendix L etc..... That then becomes part of the aircraft records and history, shows a little "due diligence".



The other suggestion if you can afford to do it is take TC regulatory auditing procedures course, its $600.00 a pop and the big problem I run up against was getting buy in.


So much for the mini audit question, sorry for being so long winded, just a few suggestions and my 2 cents…………



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