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Flight Training


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Well I was on the vertical reference forum looking for information and they told me I would have more luck here. Well here goes.


Well i'm 19 and finishing High School. I live in Northern Ontario and have been attracted to the career of a Helicopter pilot for quite some time. Gateway Helicopters offers a commercial license program joint with Canadore College. This course seems like a good idea because it will provide me with a college certificate along with my license. I was wondering if anyone can give me some incite into the best routes to take to become a pilot, the quality of this course, and Gateway's reputation out there. Are they well respected in the industry? Any information regarding any of this would be greatly appreciated!

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Gateway has a great reputation in the industry and is a quality flight training operation. Top notch instructors. Plus you can't go wrong with the many different skills they give you besides the flying, such as the 1st aid course and the winter survival course. They are, last time I looked, one of the more expensive commercial courses out there but you come away with far more than most other flight schools.

But also have a look at other schools near your area, even do an out of province search. There are a lot of flight schools in Canada and each has something unique, whether it be the instructors, the local terrain/weather, or the machines they use for training.

But you're off to a great start by looking to Gateway...almost trained there myself and called it off a few months before moving out there. Wasn't anything personal against Gateway, but a school reopened here that I'd tried to get into previous years, and was a financial no-brainer for me to not have to move half-way across Canada.

Good luck and welcome to the site! :up:



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Welcome to the Asylum.


Go in and talk to Lavern the CFI for Gateway, he'll tell y'a all you need to know and then some.


Go back through some of the flight training threads and I'm sure you'll get all the answers to your questions.





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Hello Snikad. Its a great school. I went there myself a half dozen or so years ago. Gateway is a good company. Good people and good aircraft. It is a little expensive and many will argue that 50 hours 206 is overkill. But the survival course and bush camp are second to none. The training is very realistic to prepare you for the industry. I'm not too sure about this, but it is my understanding that Dave hires some of his students now. Research that one on your own, or maybe someone on the forum can help. Employment after school should be one of your most important concerns. Stay away from some of the smaller schools, most are just going to pump a hundred hours into you and run away with your money.


There was another thread on the forum where someone else was wondering about the Canadore/Gateway program. The reply they got was way out to lunch. There is no government funding anymore and hasn't been since the mid 90's. The extra courses are time consuming but valuable. And first year is tough because there is no second year.


Good luck with your persuit, its hard work and some tough decisions. I have no regrets.

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