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Lookin' For A P/n


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Hi ! Thought I'd ask around here where the intelligent half of the community hang out :P .


I'm looking for one of those two-pin screw-in type connectors used in helicopters to power stuff like field refuelling pumps.


I want one to be able to connect my helmet ANR and GPS into Aux power instead of chewing through batteries like there's no tomorrow. <_<


I was at Western Avionics in YVR yesterday, and they told me there are several models of these connectors (both bulkheads and plugs) for general use, high power use and high heat environments. I was also told the prices can vary from $15 to $80 depending on theses specs. My requirement is for in-cockpit low power, therefore the cheaper the better (not to mention I don't have a job yet and $80 can buy a lot of batteries) :P ...


So. Anyone got a p/n for me ? I don't need the bulkhead, just the male plug.


Thanks !

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Guest Bullet Remington



Try this: cannon part # 9618-033


Got one sittin here in my grubby little hands.


You can have it if ya want. Give me a PM and I'll send it to ya.



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Guest graunch1

Not only can the 28VDC a/c power, fry things you had best check polarity on the pins and make sure check with the a/c AME tosee if you can hook up to an aux outlet on the a/c

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Voltage - Check !

Polarity - Check !


The ANR external PS I have converts 24-32V in to 9V out and has noise filtering built in. My GPS, like most portable aviation GPS units, runs on 6V internally, but the external DC input can be anywhere from 6V to 48V.


My plan is to make an octopus type cable with a number of generic two pin connectors that I can reverse the polarity on easily to accommodate anything(probably 3 or 4 of these). I'll set up up some cigarette lighter sockets and one for my ANR p/s.


I've seen these used by many pilots on my travels to date. The trick is to find cigarette lighter sockets that will hold the male connector tightly enough so they don't come out with in-flight vibration...


Thanks for the offer BR. PM sent...

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cooper connectors in Calgary have them also,, you can also use the battery pack on one of the elt battery packs I think as it is 9 V also..

you can take the cigarette lighter socket,and use knife connectors which I painted red and black,and swap them over in case you find an A pos machine (rare)

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Gregory Distributors has a resistor which will also reduce the voltage to a limit usable, it may be 17 volts but will not harm your cell or whatever hooked up to, have used them for awhile and work fine unless you ask too much from it;


from the less intelligent side.



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