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Bring MSS Back

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I fear someone has run him off. I heard that the US Army has hired M.S.S. as their new Minister of Information to replace all those lame "embedded" journalists. You know the ones I mean, the ones with the quavering voices and the dirt all over their faces from cowering in their foxholes while our hero, M.S.S., was reporting live from the front lines at the Sadam (Baghdad) International Airport where the US Marines were dying in droves at the gates of Baghdad from laughing their ***** off during M.S.S''s news conferences.

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Yep, in many ways, I want M.S.S. back too.  Best to have a dog standing in front of you than behind!  Its a dog thing! 


Soooo, get back here! where we can see ya!   Your insults we all know are but a cover, you''re probably a soft hearted mummbling grandma in disguise!


Now, let me go slap myself silly, I can''t believe I said this

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DOGS!!! As I suspected. Begging, like the dogs you are. You begging dogs. Go and beg.


So far, no word from the donkey Kyle. He knows that to resist will just get him chopped up, like the chopped up donkey that he is.


407, do not think that your begging will gain you a place close to my power. I think this hunger strike would be good for you. Fat dog. Maybe the bats that you work for could take you off that steam-dog you now flop around in.


Biggles, you will see what a grandmother I am when I feed you pain and ****. Yes you will see. Pain and **** for



ShortRanger. You find anything in that nose to share with your stupid friends?


Elvis, you ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog. Lying all the time.


Sofa, Red, 100’ and CrashTestDog. The burning you feel is your stomach roasting.

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