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Bring MSS Back

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MSS, are you coming on to me and all the other dogs?  I am not, and I repeat, AM NOT,  into wrinkled, old, mummbling, confused, worthless  & useless leaders!  You ARE a lonely man! (and an ugly one too!)  Listen, flattery will get you no where and them useless threats are but that!   Its no wonder Kyle hasn't responded, bet he doesn't no where to start!


Again, I must re-iterate, I still want you to annoy, insult and humor us! Almost as good as a group hug.  Please Kyle, oh pleeeease!  Allow this sucker to bash us (just so we can bash him back!!)

Ohhhhh, now I've got to get something to bring down my pressure!  Jesus!  can't believe what's coming out of my mouth!

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Hi guys


MSS is not coming back anytime soon because he is seeking to surrender. 6.gif  3.gif 

Maybe later on  if Uncle Sam agrees  9.gif9.gif9.gif




Saddam's mouthpiece 'seeks surrender'

Former Iraqi Information Minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf is attempting to surrender to US forces, according to a London-based Arabic newspaper.




US President George W Bush has admitted that he enjoyed Mr Sahhaf's briefings so much that he used to interrupt some of his meetings just to watch him.

"He's my man, he was great," he told NBC television in a recent interview. "Somebody accused us of hiring him and putting him there. He was a classic."

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LIES!! All lies! Actually, my aunty is 19 and looks very good in her burkah. I''m not actually hiding as much as, well, regrouping.


I am going to drag the drunken junkie nose of ShortRanger through Iraq''s desert, him and his follower dogs Longranger, Elvis and Biggles. Then I will push a Rocket up Rotor Pilot''s....well....burkah.

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Oh....can''t see clearly....tears rolling down face....Kyle, please let our friend who suffers from terminal optimism stay. Laughs are hard to find, and I can use all I get. MSS, I think my favourite press conference was when you did one from the roof and even though gunfire was audible, and American tanks visible couple of blocks down you insisted that there were no Americans in Baghdad. Nomination for Best Denial of the Obvious. Oscar bound!

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We are roasting the stomachs of stupid fat American lying dog singers with stupid haircuts.


Gannet. Stupid messy bird. There was no gunfire, it was your cheap TV. Maybe someday when I take over your stupid town, you can loot a better TV. Stupid messy bird. 

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