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Bring MSS Back

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I just can't believe it !!!

Now what ??? .

For sure he will not have time to post in this Forum anymore. 8.gif 8.gif 8.gif 


Ex-Iraq Info Minister Gets TV Job Offer

Tue April 29, 2003 09:39 AM ET


DUBAI (Reuters) - An Arab television network said on Tuesday it wants to give a job to former Iraqi information minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf, whose colorful daily briefings during the U.S.-led invasion won him a cult following.

Ali al-Hadethi, supervisor of the Dubai-based al-Arabiya satellite channel, told Reuters that Sahaf, who does not figure on Washington's list of 55 most-wanted Iraqis, was welcome to join the network immediately as a commentator and analyst.







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Kyle - As empathetic as I am with my fellow ''dogs'' I, apparently solo again, feel MSS is better left to the sand dunes and harems he''s so used to frequenting. His CNN-tainted drivel has pre-occupied our cronies to the extent that nothing serious gets discussed here any more (e.g. beer, ribs, Old Sam and the other fine things in life). ''A bas'' the snake''s belly!

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LongRanger; Totally agree about the BBQ.beer & ribs but I will take a rain check on the Old Sam.

The comment was just a chance to push MSS''s buttons again.


P.S. I have known downwash for over 30 years and would never take a shot at him.



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Will these lies never end???


I must tell the Downwash bird that I know his colours well, and yellow is the colour of cowardice. Soon, your yellow head will witness the pain of a fat Mountie wiener roast.


Hound dog, are you lonesome tonight? Your blue suede shoes will soon blister your feet as I march you to the heartbreak hotel. There, my men will love you tender until you''re all shook up. We also have burnin'' love with which to roast your teddy bear. Don''t cry Daddy.


Rotor Dog. I will show you what comical means when you belly is filled with the fires of your lies. You will laugh then, yes?


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