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Bell 47 Mod

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Hi everyone…long time no type!


Just have a question for you old fellers out there.  I just recently heard about a Bell 47 mod where the stab bar is removed.  I am wondering if anyone knows anything about it.  I can’t remember the particular model.  What replaced the function of the stab bar?  One person told me it must not have been needed if it wasn’t there….well that is what the guy who flew it told me, but I think I should get some more opinions.  I know I am in the right spot for those.


Sorry about the “old feller” part.  I like you old fellers more than I like the “young fellers”….mostly ‘cause the “old fellers” know how to say “I don’t know” if they don’t know something rather than try to BS their way through….but I will leave that for another thread/rant.


Thanks, you old farts.


Apprentice  :huh:


:D While not admitting to be an old fella ..... a mustering company in Oz converted some 47's to the no bar kit (early 1980's) for a while, but after some use they reverted back to the stab. bar config. I can't remember the exact reason but think there was a lot of wear occuring in the control bearings (s/plate to head).

These 47's were working hard doing about 1200 hrs a year (recorded). ;)


The contol rods were directly connected from the s/plate horns to the grips via an idler bellcrank mounted on the stab bar spline (mast).

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Hey pica


Things are good in Yellowknife. I am actually in "camp" right now....if you want to call it a camp. We have internet and tv, and unlike the last camp I was in, we don't have to poop through a hole in plywood padded with blue foam, while your giggleberries get frost bitten. I'm getting really fat here too. And somehow the girls are better looking now than they were 4 weeks ago when I got here. Next I am off to Norman Wells I think.


Talk to you guys later.


Apprentice :huh:


Hey Frickin apprentice, you must be a GSHL employe. I cant put the words to the face. Which apprentice are you. I have an idea. Maybe not. Who are you?????

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