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Chc Leaving Halifax

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<_< And to also show how well CHC treats it's valued employees, A story in the Province paper this morning tells of a $207,000 award given to a Wendy Jessen over a wrongful dismissal suit against CHC. She was fired over remarks she had made of certain CHC policies during a board meeting that caused her to be fired. CHC will obviously appeal (whine) the amount awarded by the jury. :down:
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"demands by the customer to upgrade equipment"


that's bullsh1t

everyone knows CHC is always willing to purchase a new state of the art aircraft to fulfill a contract. But if the customer is unwilling to foot an increase for said equipment...that's their problem.


I can tell you through the things i have heard, that even the domestic operations would love to get their hands on tons of new equipment, but they're having a tough  time getting customers to recognise the benefits. They simply want the lowest rate possible and are willing to fly the old rat bagged crap at the lowest tarriff than the opposite option that in my mind increases the safety margin.


Totally different mentality than the counterparts below the border.




A hundred percent true, my friend, the customer will decide on that and if they are willing to pay for the proper equipment, the job will be done. I recently took the family to the Rock and visited the area. RDM was kind enough to show me around and give me an after-hours tour of Cougar. Nice hanger, modelled after Helikopter Services and other North Sea facilities, very impressive.







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