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Chc Leaving Halifax

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the domestic operations would love to get their hands on tons of new equipment, but they're having a tough time getting customers to recognise the benefits. They simply want the lowest rate possible and are willing to fly the old rat bagged crap at the lowest tarriff than the opposite option that in my mind increases the safety margin.

Maybe the customers wouldn't be used to such bargain basement rates if CHC hadn't been offering them in the first place!

Besides, the age of the A/C has nothing to do with the rate you're getting if you're asking for the proper rate to begin with. CHC and other operators would have plenty of chash to buy new A/C if they had been getting a realistic tariff all along!


Also, what's this "newer A/C are safer than older ones" crap???? Is that your new sales pitch Maggie???

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Yes it would be nice to buy a brand new helicopter then go out and bid against another company with an old machine and be able to explain that: "Well, ours are all new and shiney, pay us a lot more money!"

The customer beancounter, who will never sit his sorry butt in the machine, will reply:" Well, company B will provide a flying box with about the same seating capacity for 3/4 of the price! Thanks for coming in an watch out for the doorknob on the way out!"

Not only that but the bid is for a relatively short term so how do you get to pay off the machine, pay for the new passenger facility and pay your crews?

Unfortunate but true especially in view of the cost of new machinery.

Now if the client says: "Well I want a brand new bung vertileap 2000 with the all singing, all dancing, all doing black boxes." Then you have a whole new ball game. This would be even more true if the term of the contract was of a reasonable term allowing you to do some foreward planning.

This holds true all the way from 206s to S-92s.

Try it - you will be unpleasantly suprised.

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