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Ontario Base Hospital To Take Over Helo Contract

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Would not the 109 be a step down from the S76 ? , 119 could not get IFR cert in Canada , now AB139 would be another story. Bell are not involved in marketing or support of the 109 as far as I know.

Just not to upset Maggie the EC145 would also fit the bill.

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Pilot to bombardier: "You have control"

Bombardier to Pilot: "Steady, steady, bomb's away Cap."

Pilot to bombardier: " Jolly good! That should shake them up. Navigator, course for base please!" :D




If the discussions were with Bell/Agusta it would be for the AB 139, not the A109. The AB 139 would be a good replacement candidate for the S-76, but I find it hard this all hard to believe. The Ontario government wouldn't pay for modern equipment in the past, which is why Canadian has been providing old S-76A models (although most now have new cockpits).

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I really can not see how union activity would be a factor.When the Ontario Gov. used to provide the medics they were unionized.

Are not the MNR pilots and engineers unionized?

Wouldn't the new hire pilot's engineers and medics become union members practically outomatically?

I highly doubt that this is a factor.


I can't see a gov't organization running helicopters cheaper than CHL!


Great retirement job - holidays, pentions, sick leave the ability to file a grievance if someone looks at you cross eyed! Where do I sign up!


I think, if true, it may be empire building on a lage scale.

It may also be a tactic in view of contract negotiations to force CHL and others to bid new equipement while keeping prices down.


Nothing like an unguided rumour bomb. :blink:


I mentioned that in the other thread before i read this one, and i totally agree with you about the lack of interest in buying new equipment.


I wonder how much the attempts at unionization have affected this? Great way to bring everyone back to square one....want a job, leave the union behind.

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