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Adverse yaw


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I’ve never heard the name before.  Is it a real thing?  Probably.  Is it noticeable in flight?  Not really.  Unless the collective is moved helicopters requires very little pedal to make a coordinated turn.  In the vfr world you do more uncoordinated turns than coordinated (intentionally of course) for various reasons like to complete a turn faster or better visibility etc.  

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Assume level flight with controls "centered for airspeed" (collective stable for constant airspeed, cyclic stable for altitude and pedals centred for yaw (ball centred)).

Assume entering a level turn using cyclic only.

Lift vector now changes causing helo to descend slightly.

Cyclic moved slightly aft to maintain altitude.

With increased drag due to the onset of the bank, airspeed decreases decreases slightly.

To retain original speed of level flight, collective is increased, causing an increase in torque.

Increase in torque causes nose to yaw.

Pedal application is required to counteract the yaw created by the increase in torque (centre the ball) and maintain a coordinated turn.


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