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Why is Cartography so Important in Modern Times

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Living in the world where we are equipped with modern technology and digitalized data we often forget the importance of things that are still created manually and holds relevance in the current scenario. However, it is important to note that although we have the assistance of GPS and another route mapping system we still need to have cartograph maps. These maps helps us in number of things not only finding the right route and the right path of any geographical location but also holds important in terms of data analysis, administrative purposes and also taking the decisions about humans and animals. Unless you are aware of the geography, landscape and other statistics of certain place you are geo spatially blind and therefore, wouldn’t be able to make the right decisions in life.

There are many kinds of cartographer maps available in the market that enables you get assistance about the things that are in the right place. However, these cartographer maps that are designed to provide the visual representation of the landscape and usually known as the general reference maps. These maps guide you towards the places that direct the placement of towns, cities and the malls on the specific routes.

If you are a mountaineer or a wildlife lover than the cartographic maps that are required by you are the ones known as the topographical maps. And they guide you about the specific information about the landscape. So, for all those people who are looking forward to climb the mountains in the coming time or learning to go beyond the ordinary place, topographical maps are the maps that would be essential for you.

Although many people of the view that in modern times where we are enabled with technology nowadays that cartographic maps are not required but here is why we need to have cartographic maps and the importance holds in the modern world.

1.       They make complex details simpler:

Cartographer maps are designed in a manner that it simplifies the complex data in to simpler form. For all those people who are looking forward to get measurement, statistics and perform an analysis of the current situation for them maps are life saver they allow you to see the visual representation of the terms that enable you to understand about the structure, physical boundaries and limitations of a certain place. However, with the simpler structures and the representations that are drawn by specialist cartographers many of the complex terms are made easier.

2.       Maps are tools:

For many people who have been travelling from one place to another and aren’t aware of the physicality of a certain place requires complete geographical location of the place that is not provided by the GPS. GPS only allows you to have a look at the things and determine the route from one point to another. However, in the cartographically designed maps you are allowed to learn more about the geospatial boundaries and be aware of the geographical boundaries of the place.

3.       Maps save your life:

According to the survey one of the most important function of the maps is that where the technology has its own limitations whether you are rock climber or a explorer you might not be able to get the signals of the devices and therefore, you need to make sure that you have the assistance of the maps and allows you to get hold of the destination in the right manner.

So, maps that are designed by the cartographers allows you to have save and secure travel and exploration plans and thus turns out to be life saver in many of the situations where technology might hinder your limitations maps allows you to be the one who have the alternate solution.

4.       Maps are interface to our history:

We all are aware of the fact that the early historians and the people from the ancient ages use to draw maps for the purpose of their exploration and trade and commerce routes. The history has significant number of maps that serves as an interface between our ancestors and the modern times.

However, it is important to note that the maps of the ancient times and the maps that are drawn by the cartographer in the modern times are relatively different from each other and thus are considered as one of the important source of information between the past and the present times.

To conclude maps are one of the most important sources of insight into the modern times and thus holds relevance in the current scenario. If you are one of the decision makers who need to learn about the statistic and analysis of the data then one should consider having cartographic maps.

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