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On 27/01/2021 at 11:48 AM, Longline said:

We have! A Helicopter Pilot Licence is the same as Bachelor of Arts degree from  a University.......worthless!!

Hey now, you can work at Starbuck's with a degree.

Should we warn them about "AIDS" which stands for " Aviation Induced Divorce Syndrome" which will cost you alot more than the license "that is if you have anything to loose"

And all the endless days of babysitting helicopters.

Oh how about the pressures of having crews in the bush as it is getting dark and you have asked the boss a number of times to call the day but he waits till the weather goes for a s**t then he says go get them..... so much fun.

The list goes on. 

Just know that flying a helicopter is not a career.

It is a dease that will not let go.

But good luck, but the real question you should ask is

"Would we let our kids do this"

My bet is most will say "No"

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I see you are not willing to put your name on here the way you are talking about us old guys and Delta helicopters.... I wonder if this is why you have a screen name like yours. Check with lots o

Wow, a lot of pissed off people here!... Yes the industry is in the toilet. Not sure how a jr pilot would get going now let alone get through client hour requirements. But someone will have to figure

On 1/30/2021 at 1:45 PM, VortexRing said:

^This..... $GME to the MOOOOOON!

Here is the way:

Diamond hands on <insert_meme_stonk>for the sweet tendies -> Start civil rotary aviation business in Canada -> Lose everything because civil rotary aviation business in Canada -> Diamond hands on <insert_meme_stonk> for the sweet tendies > Start civil rotary aviation business in Canada...

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Wow, a lot of pissed off people here!... Yes the industry is in the toilet. Not sure how a jr pilot would get going now let alone get through client hour requirements. But someone will have to figure out something. I guess left seat mentoring would be possible in a medium or bigger but will be a lot harder to do in a light aircraft. 

After 20 years I can say I still love flying! I was well informed of what I was getting into before I started and can thank RDM for that. I'm not saying its all peachy but some of those buckets and outhouses have been in some pretty cool places and I've gotten to do and experience some pretty awesome things. Not to mention the amazing fishing! There has been lots of ups and downs but thats in everything you go at. I've never starved to death but I've never been out of full time work for any longer than a week or so at a time. Not a big complainer either but I wasn't afraid to speak up. There are lots of jobs I've been on that I've wondered what I'm doing with my life sitting in the flies or in a tin can at -30 with snow up passed the doors but something always comes along and ya forget about that till the next time you're second guessing your decision making skills. Theres been lots of times i've scratched my head wondering why the driver of the boom truck I just loaded from 120' above is making more money than me but most times I've done it with a smile as I enjoyed what I do.  I wonder how i'm going to enjoy fighting with winter covers in 30kts of wind at 20 below at 60 years old but ill cross that bridge when I get to it. Would I let my son or daughter get there licence? Well, thats a tough one, mainly because of the state of everything in the world right now. If its something they were as passionate about as I was, then I guess my biggest piece of advice to them would be stay single as long as you can (LOL) or at least until you find someone to put up with the life of a bush Pilot. Make the best of an industry that can take you to spectacular places and see some amazing things. By the time my kids are able to get licensed it will probably be a licence for a drone. 

Yes, there are lots of negative but the positives out weight it by a long shot! It all comes down to what route you want to take and the attitude you bring along. With that said, I honestly don't know what flight schools are telling students these days in regards to getting work when they finish. Only juniors I can possibly see getting hired would be those who went to a school that was also a commercial operator.    

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Didn't have to wait til I hit 60 to start shacking my head...working on a 205..on a logging job...putting covers on in a snow storm on the side of a mountain in the dark and then having to pull a fuel pressure switch out of the right side fuel bladder...still had 300 lbs of fuel on board...running a generator to get some light up in grizz country...by my self...should I say more!

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