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1 minute ago, hybrid said:

Maybe if people had to use their real names, the tone would change and you would have to stand behind your comments?

Toughtimes or Freck?

Do you really expect them to put their names here. I will be surprised if any name shows up let alone their real name.

They will change their screen names and be right back to posting nonsense. 

As for you low time pilots make sure you stand behind what you say or do in this industry don't be like some of the people posting here who don't want to use their real names because someone will know them and know that they are not as good as they think they are while drinking all night at a Boston Pizza somewhere spouting off.

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I see you are not willing to put your name on here the way you are talking about us old guys and Delta helicopters.... I wonder if this is why you have a screen name like yours. Check with lots o

Wow, a lot of pissed off people here!... Yes the industry is in the toilet. Not sure how a jr pilot would get going now let alone get through client hour requirements. But someone will have to figure

Maybe just not stupid enough. Just because you don't agree calling out some bad operators doesn't mean they shouldn't be called out. These same companies have no problem throwing a guy under the bus when they quit or call them out. Had one friend quit to go fly closer to home and the managers called the new company and the new company changed their minds. If your ok with that Normy then your a special kind for sure.

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90% of the pilots I respect as professionals and can only wish to be equal too, don’t take part in these forums anymore. Just the bitter people that are pissed off with the industry. I come on once a month to see what’s new, and it’s the same group of people complaining about everything, arguing and insulting each other. 

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