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Roughest maintenance conditions

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Bell 47 in the - 35/-40 conditions can have its challenges as well.

Did an engine change on a 47J2A due to a clutch overspeed in the middle of northern Quebec in the middle of summer with swarms of Black Flies and Horse flies was fun..

Trying to lift the rotor head and then the 540 out and back in was exciting, laying in the muskeg doing up the lower sprag mount was creepy - not sure what crawling all over me...



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I thought the industry norm was just to snag everything 10min before getting on the crew change plane.  What's this maintenance you speak of?

Ok, first off, I am a Pilot, so anything I write here is second hand, but if you want nasty engineering stories, after a lot of internal debate, I believe this site can handle this storey.  Way b

I just pulled out my old log books and refreshed my memory...this all happened 30 yrs ago...I had been working in Pickle Lake with Ted Slavin...that is another story for later...I get a call...take TW

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The day before this trip the engineer thought he should clean the fuel nozzle just in case...gets me to run it up...there was delayed light off on start up...I said it had never happened before...I had flown this ship lots...must have been some air in the line I was told ... well maybe...next day we shove the ship out side...engine is nice and warm...again ...delayed light off...I am not feeling warm and fuzzy about this...I tell him I am going to take a spare battery and some jumper cables just in case...to be continued.

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