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Shortage Of Ame's

Guest Bullet Remington

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Guest Bullet Remington

We've all been bombarded,bored and a little sympathic to the severe shortage of jobs for low time drivers.


As an side to their situation, I was reading in a back issue of Wings magazine (probably about a year old) that the industry is facing a severe shortage of qualified maintenance people in the not too distant future.


This appearant shortage is caused, or will be caused by all us Crusty Old Bast@%ds that will be packing up the tool boxes for good.


Just soliciting opinions from those that are on the site; what's the situation look like for you folks at the present time? How do you anticipate the availability of qualified engineers in the future?


Has this situation had any impact on your operation/s? Will it have?


Have you been able to find the people with the desired qualifications? If not have you hired people with some of the qualifications and trained them??? Etc. Ect.


Do you have any plans in place to combat this shortage, should it in fact become a reality??


Thoughts, comments, and opinions are solicited. (Feel free to jump in on this one Maggie!! :D )

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I've been hearing about this impending shortage for the 18 years I've been in this industry.


The company I work for is adequately staffed, and if the season continues this way, will be overstaffed shortly.


We also do train apprentices and low time pilots within our system and bring them up as required.


There may be a shortage of people with the level of experience I have, (15 years-25 Years), but it's not something that a guy with 5 or 10 years experience would have too much trouble handling.


The initial learning curve is steep, then levels off after about 10 years. By this time, you either know what you're doing, or you don't.

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Most good company's have no problems finding staff. Everyone moves around so much so they can find out for themselves who's good or bad. The question should be how many licensed engineers have come and gone from these companies that have shortages?

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For our company (operator), until you have a licence you are an apprentice no matter how experienced you are. So as for the question of "which is more important..." If you can't sign an a/c as airworthy you are not as valuable to an operator. An AMO with a lot of shop or component work may be a different story though.

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